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Hospital it Is for Trump-A Most Unfortunate Week

Donald Trump has been admitted to hospital for the second night-will he ever learn?

1 in 25 people over the age of 75, die of Coronavirus. That is a crazy, mind-blowing figure. And that is a lot of people. 

Donald definitely needs to take some of his own medicine then-him and Melania are with Covid-not the best timing-since there is an upcoming election and all. The pundits are already questioning if the election date will be changed.

Trump will not be allowed to leave the White House for the next two weeks, which is absolutely catastrophic for his candidacy hopes. And now:hospital. His rival: Joe Biden, has nothing but well wishes for the President-wishing him well in his recovery. This was contrary to the recent reception during the face-off-at the latest presidential debate. 

The Election Date Could Change

However, even though there is speculation over the change of election date-it is unlikely to have affect upon the final day of office (as is being suggested). The BBC is insinuating that neither the election date, nor the final day of office will likely change. However, I argue that Trump falling sick, has no affect upon his final day of office (20th January 2021). It is all gossip mongering. The fact that Trump is in hospital though-changes everything.

Trump has a right to a fair election-like anyone and I hope the date is moved. Needless to say, the cosmic timing of this latest news-has got my mind turning. It takes months to recover from Covid if a bad case, and so I doubt they can put the election back by months.

And it looks like it is a bad case. Trump was admitted to hospital Friday/Saturday; taking a precautionary measure. However, precautionary is not the message when Trump states ‘next couple of days the real test‘. After a second night in hospital.

All Those Whitehouse Burgers Add Up to a Pretty Belly

Trump is not in the best of health either-which of course, was never a problem for his ego-which is well intact. Situation denies this unfortunately, and what you do-has an effect. All those Whitehouse burgers…which I am sure are pretty delicious and have me hankering…add up unfortunately. You cannot expect to eat like a pig and not become one.

The Greatest Clown on Earth

Cruel as this may sound, Donald Trump is cruel. And facts are facts. He annihilated Biden with his revelations (during the debate)-which have nothing to do with how well someone can lead a country. Trump made claims that Biden’s son was thrown out of the military for coke. I did not see a lot of the debate but that was enough for me: if you thought he could sink no lower-he just did. See some of the debate here.

Hideous-the only word for it. It is undoubtedly the most unprofessional debate there has ever been. And I feel the most dyer pain for Biden-on mentioning his son’s troubles. We all have them and you can see the pain and hurt on his face. To say these things to a fellow candidate-is unforgivable. And really, Trump needs to go purely on this basis.

It is not what anyone needs in a leader-two squabbling school boys; but I do not blame Biden. I would find it hard to keep it together with bloody idiot in the corner. I have to say though, Joe Biden did not come across as real as when he said:

“Will you shut up man”!


Brilliant-that’s the Joe Biden we need to see more of. And it is such a shame, Joe seems like a gentleman and then he is faced with this gnarling loompa.

What Is Left to Choose?

You could see it in the aftermath as well. Both wives walk on: Biden’s wife running to embrace him, and Melania approaching her ‘marital other’-as if she already knew to have contracted the virus. At the end of it-neither stepped away president worthy, and here poor America finds herself again-two not so great choices to choose from. At least Biden has some integrity, as well as his health; and so Donald Trump should really be an advertisement for the body-mind connection. They do say the gut is the second brain.

The Virus Got Trump In the End

I wish Trump well in his recovery but most of all-I wish him some perspective. He has a wax work beside him as a wife, and a not so favourable virus-when it comes to inflammation. This has been some week for him-maybe this time out will give him some food for thought-ahh the irony. 

Trump’s diagnosis is definitely a universal curveball in the elections. His lack of foresight into the virus has inevitably left him ill-and his campaign, and therein lies Trump’s worst enemy-himself. 

If he could get hold of his emotions-I actually think he could have been a good president. This is the man who has navigated tensions between North and South Korea, and more recently-the UAE and Israel. He knows conflict clearly, and seems to thrive in it-when it does not immediately concern himself. Kim Jong Un hates America, yet Donald Trump persuaded him to form a bridge with South Korea-whom he hates more.

Health is the Prevailing Factor Donald

For all the jokes/campaign tactics Trump has made in reference to Joe Biden’s age (Biden is a whole 3 years older than Trump)-it is now Trump bowing out and locking down in The Whitehouse. He actually made reference to Biden being fed from a nursing home-as a campaign ad…but look who is lying in hospital now Sonny, and eating a whole lot of humble pie.

In fact, Biden looks in top shape and ahead of his game-where Trump looks like a sorry gameshow host gone wrong.  And he is being treated with caution-Trump has been kept in hospital for a second night now. Even he is saying the next few days are the ‘real test’. When will the man ever learn-perhaps his time is now.