Racism USA

Black Lives Matter Protests Continue in The US

Black Lives Matter protests, coupled with the “Say her Name” protest have shaken the world by identifying the hollowness of worldly administrative authorities. This protest against racial injustice has been powered by several factors, such as the deaths of black people in police custody and the damaged trust in authorities. 

If you do not know what Black Lives Matter protests are about, read ahead. 

You are in your bedroom sleeping next to your partner and 3 in the night. Suddenly, three men enter your apartment by smashing the door. You grab your gun (which you are legally permitted to have) to protect your partner, and you shoot one of the aggressive men in the leg. The guys respond by firing twenty shots, eight of which hit your partner, and she is dead. Then you get taken away by handcuffs by the three men who broke into your apartment and killed your partner. 

This is the story of 26-year-old Breonna Taylor. Breonna worked as a technician in an emergency room. The three men that shot her were cops who were not in their uniforms. It was done because the cops assumed that Breonna had drugs in her apartment. The cops did not find any drugs in the apartment later. 

The story of Breonna Taylor is one of the thousands of words representing how people of colour are treated around the world. However, this is not the most saddening part. The saddening part is that there is no moral law to punish the culprits of such heinous crimes. It is the main reason why we hear a new story every day. 

World From the Eyes of Colored People 

Behind a pretty coloured face with mesmerizing eyes and gorgeous hair, there lies a constant fear of being mistreated by the people who call themselves educated and are entitled to protect the nation. Some people say Black Lives Matter when the police kill a black individual while some have substituted Black Lives Matter with all lives matter because they just do not know what it means.  

We live in a society that treats blacks as dangerous and suspicious first and a citizen second. This lie is supported by actions as well as silences of both privileged and unprivileged individuals. 

Every inhumane incident targeting people of colour sheds light on how extremist the world is becoming. An act that is considered fun for white people might leave a negative lasting impression on victims’ minds. The black lives protest is a movement that would be discussed for the rest of our lives. 

How Long Will This Continue?

“Fixes that do not address the root causes of an issue are not really fixes at all.”

The present crisis in the world surrounding race suffers from the lack of attention to the root causes. Better attention to the root causes will help the world figure out how to move past where we are right now. It is essential to ask why the killing of unarmed blacks continues to happen. It continues to happen because we have the wrong diagnosis and the wrong cure. 

It is generally perceived that the problem of racial violence is isolated to a few stubborn racists, and the cure revolves around education. 

The black lives matter protest has been stained by sensational instances that make for a compelling news talk. If you look just beyond this sensationalism without being distracted, you will see what is actually taking place in the world right now.

You will notice people all around the world standing up for black people and against social injustice. Black people have contributed to the growth and success of the world as much as anyone else but have never been able to enjoy the same freedom. 

Racism in the world is real. If a problem does not affect a particular class, it is due to privilege, but it does not mean that the problem does not exist. If you do not fear for your life when a cop pulls you over, or you do not have to worry about a doctor not checking you like he checks the other patients, that means you are privileged. But, knowing what to do with that privilege is hard. You can either use that privilege to enjoy your life or help the people who do not have it. 

This privilege can be used to hold the people who promote racism accountable. The progress in ending discrimination can only begin behind closed doors, rather than in front of the cameras. It is also important to vote for the right person. Voting impacts more than just a couple of political parties. Voting the right person can lead to a change on the national level. 

Racism can be ended if an effort for progress is made on both the personal and national levels.