Mask breath?
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Unpleasant mask-breath? You are not alone.

Ever wondered why you have been having that foul mask breathe? You are not alone in this. Most people are struggling with this.

2020 has been a handful. Face masks have seen their way as part of the essential wears. And now, wearing a mask publicly has been normalized. As we battle COVID 19, economic censure, and the frustrations accosted by the uncomfortable masks, the “mask breathe” should not be part of your hustles. 

For starters, do not run to sue the production company for their fabric choice used to manufacture the masks. This foul smell has nothing to do with the mask. It’s all you. Thanks to these face-masks, you now know how your mouth smells.

Hard to believe? Let us drill it up!

Cup your hands and breathe out using your mouth. There it is. Is that smell familiar? Is it close to what your mask smells? 

Well, it must be close. Usually, when you wear a mask, moisture from your breath is trapped in the mask fabric’s fibers. This will be even more when one talks much when they have their mask on. When the moist breath dries up, it becomes your mask breath. That means that mask odor is indeed your breath!

That is not very comforting. The presence of bad breath professionally is known as halitosis. You must be wondering what would cause such an unpleasant odor. Here are some reasons why you may be emitting the bad mask breath :

Causes of the fouls “mask breath”

Poor dental hygiene

Naturally, our mouth is often inhabited by different types of bacteria. That being the case, if not brushed regularly, food particles may remain trapped between our teeth. If this happens, this bacteria flourish. Subsequently, they break down those food particles that remain to release a bad breath. 

Your mouth may be Dry.

As your dental practitioner may call it, Xerostomia is a medical condition that can cause terrible mask-breathe. It can result from taking little or no water, talking too much, specific medication, or excessively breathing through the mouth. The mouth frequently produces acids from dental plaque, dead cells, and acid reflux; luckily, saliva in the mouth balances and neutralizes them. If not washed away, the accumulation of these acids can cause bad breath. 

The foods you eat.

Everyone enjoys sweet meals and beverages. Some of these beverages might cost you the mask breath. This is especially the case for coffee lovers, garlic, canned foods, and other foods that cause bad breath. 

You are on medication.

The medication you are using could cause bad breath. While drugs have a curative touch, some drugs we take may lead to one having a dry mouth. Bad breath may be resultant.

Use of drugs, alcohol, and substance abuse.

 Well, alcohol can dehydration, and as we had discussed, this will work against you. Dehydration will see you get a dry mouth and, eventually, a foul smell. Smokers should also beware of bad breath, primarily because of the use of tobacco.

Underlying diseases. 

If none of all the above is an issue, see a doctor. You might be having an underlying ailment. They may be heart disease, lung diseases, throat, and tonsils, or gum disease.

Tips to solve your “mask breath” issue.

  1. Brush at least twice a day, gargle antibacterial mouthwash, floss your teeth to remove stubborn food particles between your teeth.
  2.  Keep yourself hydrated, avoid talking too much, but if you can’t make sure to drink up lots of water, maintain oral hygiene to remove acids in the mouth.

All these tips will help you reduce the odor if not finish it, remember always to wear your mask in public. Stay safe.