Sometimes Immigration Means Inspiration

When hope and determination exist, man can make the impossible and build tremendous things out of nothing. Such a thing, many immigrants who had to cross lands and seas to reach Europe, made it possible. A close to death journey which is full of danger, fatigue, and extortion, where most of the migrants suffer. Most of the migrants have also suffered drowning and detention in camps.

Some of the migrants returned to their first destination. Others reached the sad, final destination. And many others suffered tiring and exhaust, but those made the way and got to achieve their dreams and inspire thousands of are still afraid to take the first step.

Ahmed Hussein

Ahmed Hussein is a Somali migrant who arrived in Canada in 1993 at the age of 16. His dreams and ambitions were higher than his circumstances as he traveled at the time when he was a young boy at the beginning of life. Lonely in a country from which no one knows. Yet insisted on getting through by continuing to study and practicing law in 2012. At last, he was appointed as the Minister of Immigration and Refugee Affair. Yes, it is ambition and perseverance to prove himself and challenge his weakness and despair.

Ahmed Hussein: from Somali migrant to Minister

Ahmed Hussein arrived in Canada alone as a Somali migrant in 1993 at the age of 16. He made significant steps in his academic career. He received a law degree from the University of Ottawa to begin working as a lawyer since 2012. Hussein’s appointment as Minister of Immigration, Refugee Affairs, and citizenship came as part of a governmental reshuffling by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to strengthen his immigration policy, the first time a Muslim Arab Canadian has been appointed to the Canadian government.

Ahmed Hussein’s name has come to prominence in Canada more than once for his role in recreating a ghetto in Toronto, Canada’s largest city. He also chaired one of the country’s major Canadian-Somali organizations, which contributes to the integration of Somalis into society. His strong presence in civil society played a vital role in his victory in the 2015 legislative elections on behalf of the Liberal Party.

His contribution to immigrant integration policy, as well as his strong stands against Islamic extremism. The US authorities invited him to use his expertise and listen to him on many subjects regarding extremism.
Hussein does not deny that he invested his experience as a migrant and as a lawyer in migrant law to take part in elections. Nor does he deny his pride in Canada’s role in receiving migrants, saying: ” We were the best in this field,”.

Melham and Hassan 

Melham and Hassan, two young Syrians, also made their dangerous journey from Aleppo, their hometown in Syria, to France. The two young men booked two seats at the University “Paris 1” where they study film and directing.

Melham and Hassan had a difficult experience that allowed them to discover themselves more. They are a model for conscious youth and Arab youth who carry a model message of determination to complete their life path. They also show that life will not stop with the presence of difficulties at the contrary, but difficulties are the basis of strength to complete the journey.

Melham and Hassan: two migrants reached the Sorbonne 

They didn’t realize that war would end their country and force them to leave the city of Aleppo, where they were born and raised, and knew nothing else until they were forced to travel.

In France, the two migrants Hassan and Melham discovered an academic program offered by the University of Paris 1 for Syrian refugees. The two young men sent requests to enroll in this program and already managed to book a place. When they were asked about their university life, the two young migrants answer with a smile how beautiful it was and how much it was considered an opportunity to discover themselves. For Melham, language is essential in getting to know the other and overcoming barriers that may prevent communication between us.

University life allowed the two young migrants to discover a different culture. The two young people believe in the need for making dialogue and communication between opposites to reach common concepts. And they formed an initiative at the university called “step towards the other”, to teach the young French more about the migrants and to teach them to know more about their ideas and dreams. And to motivate migrants to make the necessary efforts to blend in French society.

Returning to Syria

When asked about returning to Syria, they answered “yes” and “no” at the same time. For Hassan, “war will not end soon. And if I return, I will have to start from scratch, I have just started to form a picture of my future life, as well as social life, I do not want to lose everything now, maybe I will return but not now,”. 

“I want to go back, yes, I miss people there. Syria is my country. And sooner or later, war will end. And I will finish my studies here first and see where things go,” Melham said.