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Cases Rise: Pubs and Restaurants May be on the Brink of Closing

Things are about to toughen up UK wide as cases explode, meaning more restrictions are imminent

Can we even afford another lockdown?

This is infiltrating my headspace. Of course, Covid has not gone away, it is very much here for the foreseeable future but we have to keep on top of it. The longer time passes-I think we need to let it run through society. Another national lockdown might be the end of the economy.

Word on the street says Boris is extremely reluctant to do that. That it may be, but with cases doubling every 8 days and standing at 6000 per day (confirmed and unconfirmed) in England alone, something drastic needs to be done.

By October the Death Rate Will be Climbing Rapidly

According to the chief scientific advisor-Sir Patrick Valance, by the end of October, we could see a large death rate if left to run rampant. The problem at the moment is that most of society is open. That is a lot of people to spread a potential virus. And I do believe society to have opened too soon. 

Restricting the limit to socialising with one other household has been a wise and in my opinion, strict but necessary rule. I can cope with this for the moment, but my worry is if it goes further. 

Cases Rise across Europe

Local lockdowns are one thing, and I think an effective measure. It certainly deters anyone from leaving or arriving-but we are already doing this-and cases are exploding at 6000 per day. There are similar situations within the rest of Europe. Spain and France are seeing up to 10,000 new cases each day. Yet we are still to see how the rule of six plays out. This could dramatically change things. Let’s hope.

Local lockdowns have become common ground in England already. Newcastle and the North have seen the latest local lockdown put into play. And this is not new ground, local lockdowns have been happening for months now. But it is not stopping the spread. 

Can We Do Anything Else?

Although I think kids need to be back at school, and parents need to get back to work. I cannot believe there have not been any further amendments to the school day.

Despite the narrative within the British media that emphasises children do not spread the virus; there has been evidence to suggest otherwise. Studies in South Korea and leading scientists in America, have found children over 10 years spread the virus as effectively. Why 10? Who knows, but this is the evidence emerging. And I feel it is being ignored-not one media representative has acknowledged such findings. At least no one I have heard.

There should be no more than 15 children within one classroom above the age of 10. And they should be within that same bubble for the entire day, no exceptions. Teachers can travel to them, it is not unfounded. But sadly that is not the case, even within private schools who have the extra room.

Even though it is mandatory for high school children to wear a mask in the corridors, teachers are not able to enforce it. Ah, don’t you just love political correctness, which I am preaching now of course, but this is ridiculous. Sometimes, they just need told. 

There are boundaries in life and this is one of them”.

Let’s All Keep Calm and Carry On Everybody

Instead, let’s all keep calm and carry on everybody. Children must return to school, and are not going to die from Covid, so back to school little ones, tally ho! 

Even without the data, did they not think precaution was better than ‘full steam ahead’? Subsequently, infection rates are rising, and the WHO emphasises at a rate within Europe more dramatic than March. And on the other hand, there are other reasons for infection rates rising. We are all congregating (well, at least up until last week) and living life much as it was. It is of no surprise cases are multiplying by the day.

However, all of this aside, I think the government have made a silly mistake in not planning for schools. It sounds as if schools have largely been left to their own devices with no insistence upon class sizes. And it looks like this will carry on, during the proposed mini-lockdowns-as is being reported. Kids will stay at school and parents will go to work, we just won’t have a social life. 

The plan instead: the government is suggesting closures of pubs and restaurants for short periods only, to curb the influx of cases. This may also include a ban on social gatherings. And it looks like these initiatives will be for two weeks, it is being suggested and nationwide.

“The last line of defence is full national action and I don’t want to see that but we will do whatever is necessary to keep people safe in a very difficult pandemic.”

(Matt Hancock on Kay Burley, Sky News)

So prepare folks, we may just be re-entering the woods. Nicola Sturgeon has just announced that further restrictions may need to be re-imposed (I thought the restriction of one household was bad enough). This weekend will be crucial to re-evaluate. It looks like another full blown 3 month lockdown is not on the cards, or even viable but there may be restrictions for some time. And that could mean: limited travel and gatherings for the foreseeable future.

I am glad the government is doing all that they can to prevent mass outbreak, and I trust the sincerity. I am just really not sure where we go from here. We either go Swedish or we go into full lockdown-initiating tests UK wide.

All those negative over a two week span, can re-enter society. 

Surely, that was a better plan from the beginning? Surely this is possible?