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One Household and Covid Marshalls: Explained

New Restrictions mean only one household can be met across the United Kingdom, as of Monday 14th September

1 step forward…10 steps back. This is the current situation within the UK, where restrictions have tightened up, rather than eased. We are less than two months into the easing of lockdown, and we are already having to retreat. From Monday, we can only meet one other household.

‘Oh Nicola, Oh Borris’, what are you doing to us?

What are the New Restrictions?

As of Monday in Scotland, only a maximum of two households and up to six people can meet, and this is for both inside and outside the home. After five months of lockdown, the government decide to simplify things now.

Of course, there was I telling my Dad that it doesn’t go into effect until October 5th. And there was him re-calling his mate to put their plans back on. I read it wrong. Any changes to this new rule, will not come into effect until October 5th.

And it is the same in England. In fact, it was England who first initiated the move, and Scotland have followed, along with Wales and Northern Ireland. No more than two households, and up to a maximum of six people can meet. Things are beginning to feel restrained again and I’m pulling at my collar.

Just when things were starting to feel a bit more normal, a limit of two households really makes everything more complicated. 

The Constraints of the New Rule

I want to meet new people, and new people means large gatherings, or larger gatherings-which are off the menu, for now. It pretty much means coffee dates are on, and the ‘friend of a friend’ is a thing of the past. How depressing. Introverts have never been so social, the meeting a friend for coffee has become the new club scene. Dangerously living on the edge.

I wonder if introverts are experiencing a whole new lease of life? And what of dating? At least that’s still on. Apps will probably start seeing record traffic as people scramble for some stimulation in their life. And that’s it for me, stimulation (of the mental variety) has gone out the window. It’s difficult to get excited about seeing your family for the 8th time that day or the same vistas. 

Whilst I understand the need to take drastic action, a limit of only one other household is tough. It mostly means us singletons will only be able to meet one other person. And you know, despite this, I think this is wise. If you can limit the transaction of only one other potential virus candidate, then it can only go so far.

The Numbers are Rising

And the numbers are rising. As of today, there were 3539 new cases within the UK, in one single day. Important to note, these numbers are mostly being seen within the younger generation. We have them to blame for this (jest). And I really think for that matter they should refrain from meeting anyone over the age of 65. 

If there’s anything to be said about this time, it’s an opportunity for the young to learn consequences and social responsibility”.

When we say, ’young’ however, it is actually those in the age range of 18-40 who are falling ill with the virus. That’s my bracket and I have to say even I have found myself slipping, marginally, but its there. The social bubble thing has me thinking I can hug everyone, and they’re not so sure. The new awkward. 

Are there Any Allowances?

The only time you’ll get out of socialising with more than six people, is if you come under the need for a support bubble. That means anyone who lives alone, can be classed as vulnerable (elderly/additional needs) or anyone who is a single parent. Rightly so.

Covid Marshalls and Deadly Kisses

We are even going to be introduced to Covid Marshalls, yes, that’s right, there’ll be a new officer in town and they have the right to ensure your social distancing! With limited enforcement for now, but it all sounds a bit Handmaid to me, and now I understand why they’re calling Attwood a prophet of our times.

Well, give it to the government, they have managed to simplify things (somewhat). Not that that’s an easy task even now. And to be honest, I think this is how they should have played out the whole re-emergence anyway. One household only, and most people would have obeyed this. But would the 18-40 group have followed quite so easily? Probably not, but at least it would have kept things clear. Personally, I’m still questioning whether I broke outdoor rules or not, this is after the actual rules have changed. 

Talk about the age of connection…

‘One kiss is all it takes!’ (Dua Lipa)

Strike it lucky! You could find yourself on the other end of the phone with the bar man you really fancied, who is now calling you to tell you to ‘stay indoors’…but now you have his number.

Covid can’t be that bad after all..silver linings.