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Biden V’s Trump-Who Is In The Lead and Is It Enough?

Polls put Biden ahead of Trump with two months to go but it aint over yet

Trump V’s Biden..Biden V’s Trump, who is leading the race?

If polls are anything to go by, Biden is ahead of Trump by a fair mile, but perhaps not enough to cry, ‘GAME, SET, MATCH!’ 

It is crazy to think of Trump winning another election, but this is America. No one perceived Trump to win, no Hillary supporter at least. With only two candidates to choose from, you would have thought America to have chosen the more obvious candidate. It was not so.

The Disastrous American Dream, Not So Great

As it stands, the way America (Trump) has dealt with the pandemic, would be enough to convince any ‘on the fence’ Republican to go the other way. The man has used the ‘hypothetical’ ‘claim’ that a Democrat rule during the pandemic would have meant economic disaster. I love the irony, nothing like a bit of projection from Donald. It is his party who has led to economic freefall and a continual state of ‘non-recovery’ since no resounding plan has been put in place for Covid 19.

Not to mention the continual fall of the dollar currently, literally free falling into the ground. The dollar has dropped at least £0.05 p to the $1 since only July this year.

Of course this is just the tip of the iceberg, Trump has failed America as a leader, more than anything else. He could not deal with the pandemic, America’s greatest threat in modern times, and so passed it off to the governors of each state. Whenever he does say something, it is to criticise or belittle another party, politician or country even. Donald Trump is apparently everything these ‘opponents’ are not. Whatever that is, and people are still bewildered as to what that is, other than an ego maniac.

I have tried to stay away from the ‘mockery bandwagon’. Consciously, I did not want to assume the very things I was hearing all around me. And so, I tried to give the man his due. Nevertheless, for the gains he has made, the man cannot unite a country and therefore must go. I won’t mention the wall.

The whole world is facing catastrophe and more than ever, we need to choose our leaders, and their potential ‘future leaders’, wisely.

However, America still seem to be on the fence about this. Two years ago, polls suggested support for Trump had not changed significantly during his first two years in office. 88% of Republicans still backed him. The feeling seems to be largely similar now, another two years on.

How Can Anyone Back Trump?

I hear you, how can anyone back a man who has helped to create so many Coronavirus deaths, over 187,000 at this point. But the Republican mindset is stoic and often unchanging, which goes hand in hand with their policies , and their attitude. The BBC asked three voters to describe themselves in three words, two of them described themselves as ‘conservative’. Those were the Republicans. When faced with the speech Trump gave at the Republican Convention, one of the Republicans brushed off the non-existent social distancing and lack of masks. This was despite her countries catastrophe in the pandemic.

I think the America Trump has support, largely remains with unchanging America. This is the America who like to class themselves as ‘conservative’ and ‘Christian’. This is not the America who are rioting in the streets for change, or talking about female leadership. Although, Trump is doing his darnedest to get that little conversation broadcast to the voters of the future. He obviously realises the power behind the hiring of Kamala Harris and made his best efforts to whip out the females in his clan. 

America is hoping to be led by a progressive leader however, not a narcissist from Trump Towers, that comes in the heel swashing attire of Ivanka Trump. Yes, Trump has no shame, he has actually been talking about his hope for a female president…’come on up Ivanka!’ Except, Trump did not make Ivanka his right hand woman, but perhaps he wished he had.

Living on a Prayer

For the rest of us, the more liberal minded cheer team, we are just living on a prayer the man is removed via forklift and deposited in slime. Orange in colour, to match his tan.

…I think I may have descended into the ‘mockery bandwagon’. Oh dear, I could have started this descent years ago, I have so many years to catch up. 

Whatever happens, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have their work cut out for them. That lot are vipers, and he will go to any length to get what his mania desires. The one card the Democrats do have? They have taken a stand and Trump is just reacting to it, it shows his fear and belief in their strength. He would have been better to have stuck to his guns.

May the least orange win.