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Is the White Majority supporting Trump?

As the presidential elections 2020 in America come closer, there is a significant change in the voting behavior of the nationals. There is a specific majority in the States supporting Trump deeply, clearly the whites. According to the reports, a Karen share of registered voters says that they support Joe Biden over Donald Trump. The supporters of Joe Biden are at 53% and those supporting Trump are only 45% of the nationals. 

There is also a difference in how strongly the voters support their favorites. Up to 66% of the Trump supporters say that they support him strongly while 46% of the supporters of Biden say the same. The percentage of moderate supporters of Trump is 23%. However, this majority includes most of the voters who would not change their decisions based on the circumstances and would continue supporting their ideal candidate. 

In the midst of a deadly pandemic, the next couple of years are very important for the American economy. Especially when we know of the fact that coronavirus has destroyed almost everything. Due to present circumstances, nationals are worried about this year’s electoral campaign as compared to 2016 and before that.

Who are Trump’s supporters

The statistics revealing about the supporters are almost the same as they were 4 years ago, in the previous election. In Trump vs Biden 2020, the supporters of Biden include Black people, women, Hispanic, and Asian American voters. Black voters support Biden strongly and a majority of them are supporting him. The majority of Trump supporters are the older and less educated voters. The supporters of Trump are mostly those who have a high school diploma or even less. 

According to a report, the white voters with no college experience support Trump strongly than the ones who have it. Americans with a four-year college degree or more are of the view that Biden might be a better and educated choice for America. Around 61% of such degree holders support Biden. 

There is also a difference in the voting preferences of both the candidate supporters. The supporters of Trump are of the view that voting should be done in person on election day. While the supporters of Biden are of the view that the voting should be done through mailing.

Effect of Coronavirus on Trump’s numbers

The whole Coronavirus situation and the economic downturn has affected the support of Trump’s voters largely. While some support Trump’s approach, some are of the view that he is the reason America is facing major economic challenges. In mid-March, the support for Trump was at its peak, when he declared a national emergency and ordered States to take necessary actions. 

It was all good till last month when the supporters started questioning his approach and policies on the Coronavirus outbreak. The top issue of voters is the economy in the wake of a pandemic. According to the supporters of Biden, they expect the health care sector to do much better under Biden’s government. 

Some of the voters are of the view that the Republican party can do a better job of uplifting the economy than the Democratic party. Not to forget that the Democratic party holds wide leads on major issues such as climate change, health care, abortion and contraception, and issues involving race, gender, and ethnicity.

Is Trump More Famous Among the White Males?

Trump, surprisingly, has been leading the democratic candidate by 7 to 9 percent among the white male voters. These statistics are strange and surprising for a lot of people since everyone acknowledges that the government mishandled and mismanaged the pandemic. 

This mismanagement has caused the economy of America to fall, leaving a lot of people unemployed and pushing a majority below the line of poverty. 

The white Male supporters are mostly from the uneducated majority, who are easier to control simply by promising them a bright future. The vision of the States for Trump is nothing more than a White America, where the nationals can be divided on the basis of religious, cultural, and racial differences. Trump has been open about this vision in many places. A lot of his speeches are filled with racist jokes and empty promises. 

Considering this, only the people who have not educated enough support Trump, which is why a lot of the voters belong from the old white male majority. 

The outlook towards the possibility of Trump winning the election is far less than what it was in 2016. Unlike the previous election, this time the Trump supporters said that they would react fiercely if Biden wins and that is the only improvement seen so far.