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Welcome to the Stage Vice President Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris is being pipped as the next U.S female president, who is the woman people are talking about?

The year of the presidential election is finally here. It has been four long and weird years. The thought of President Trump facing re-election in November is a scary one, but possible. 

The only contender it seems is Joe Biden. Someone relatively unknown on the grand stage until now, though he has run twice already. As of this week, he has been nominated as the official Democrat representative, but is he strong enough?

Is Biden Strong Enough for Trumps Tactics?

Trump has already won the presidency despite the world’s disbelief. Hilary Clinton has been in office all her life and yet it was a narcissistic businessman who came before her. Will Trump ask Putin to help him out again? The election tampering has long been disputed, Putin is known to dislike Hilary, and Russia’s sniggering was only too loud when the election results came in. This does not confirm whether it actually happened or not, but Trump definitely has people in high places.

My first impression of Joe Biden was not the best one. Turning on the TV, his face took up the screen, yet I could not see him as president. My feeling was: not strong enough. His presence was lacking and despite Trump’s obvious failings, you can take Donald at face value. I am not sure who Biden is. Perhaps, it is more apt to say, I am not sure Biden knows who he is. 

Kamala Harris is the Ticket

These are of course my initial feelings, it is subjective. But now Biden’s right hand woman has been announced, my ears are prickling. Kamala Harris came up against Biden in the preliminaries, but after stepping down in December last year; Biden made her his running mate. Nice move Biden.  Now he has someone behind him with a whole lotta story.

Kamala Harris is not just an African-Asian American, she is a fighter and a strong force. So before I mention her credentials, I will mention her personality, since that is what will see us through.

As a personality, and Kamala comes across as having a personality, she has stood behind and fought for many modern human rights. She has not done this because it will bode well with the voters, unlike Obama; she has done this because she believes in it.

Kamala Harris, America’s rising star: 

Who Will Kamala Harris Become?

Harris was elected as California’s Attorney General in 2010, having previously been a lawyer. She not only stood for marriage equality but also backed California’s climate change law. This lady stands for something and has the guts to take America into the next era.

In fact, Kamala is professed to be Biden’s successor-that is, if Biden wins. Yet, with a sure fire bet in Harris by his side, Biden has been clever. The clarity in which he lacks, has been mounted and framed with such a strong choice. Harris will surely be a vote winner-not to mention the young eyes a female leadership role needs.

Biden, at 77 years of age will only serve one term if the Democrats do win, which will leave Harris to step into her own shoes. Whilst Biden is running for president, the eyes are resting upon Harris.

Hillary Clinton lost out to Obama in 2008, but not without a few wise words:

“Although we weren’t able to shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling this time, thanks to you, it’s got about 18 million cracks in it and the light is shining through like never before, filling us all with the hope and the sure knowledge that the path will be a little easier next time”.

And so the baton is handed to Harris-what she does with it will be interesting. One thing for sure, she has a lot of people rooting for her. None less than Barack Obama. Needless to say, Hilary Clinton will only be too pleased that her predictions may come true. 

Since the Democratic Convention is underway, Kamala Harris will be taking the stage tonight on its third day. The convention aims to communicate the agenda for each party, and it is interesting that Harris will close its final day. Biden has already formerly accepted the democratic candidate for presidency, and it will be Harris’s turn tonight for vice president. 

Whatever happens, Harris will have to be prepared for Trump, who despite his old school views, will be threatened by her. And he is old hat in this round. What Harris has in spades over Trump, is learned ambition. This will hopefully speak to the younger generation and middle America. 

Tonight’s programme from the Democrats will be led by the female voices of the past who have brought us to this moment in time. We will hear from Nancy Pelosi, Elizabeth Warren, Gabrielle Giffords and Hillary Clinton. These women have paved the way and back Kamala Harris, in the words of Hillary Clinton, as ‘Someone who can beat Trump’.