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Why is the World Abandoning Yemen?



Yemen Humanitarian Crisis

 The Republic of Yemen is a country in Western Asia that lies at the Southern end of the Arabian Peninsula. After Saudi Arabia, it is the second-largest Arab sovereign state in the Peninsula and has a population of 28.5 million. Yemen, one of the Arab world’s poorest countries, is facing a deadly Civil war for decades. The republic of Yemen faces major problems like unemployment, and water shortages which are the main cause of conflict in Yemen. Yemen also has the lowest HDI among the Arab states because of severe poverty in highlands, semi-desert areas, and fishing villages. Corruption in all sectors, lack of democracy, and no political involvement of common men in decision-making made the situation worse. 

In response to such factors as low standards of living, anti-government protests and army rebellions came into existence. At last, Mr.Hadi was appointed as the president but he had to deal with several problems. This included attacks by Jihadis, a separate movement in the south, and the insurgency from security personnel to Saleh. Saleh was unable to tackle Corruption, unemployment, food insecurity, and lack of good governance. The Houthi movement took advantage of the new president’s weakness. They took control of Saada province and neighboring areas.

The Houthi movement wanted to gain control over the country due to which Mr.Hadi was forced to leave. “The Coalition” was formed by a group of several regional countries that were backed by the United States. The group led by Saudi Arabia went to war against the Houthis Or Ansar Allah. Since then, Yemen has been facing acute humanitarian crises. According to the United Nations, if the war continues, the people of Yemen would suffer from the world’s worst famine.

Should The World leave Yemen to die in Humanitarian Crisis?

Out of 28.5 Million About 80% of the population, 24 million need humanitarian assistance and protection on an urgent basis. This deadly crisis has killed over 7700 civilians by March 2020. In a world where households have been hoarding necessities in the Pandemic, civilians of Yemen have been dying due to poor health.

According to Save the Children, 80,000 thousand children having severe acute malnutrition died from 2015 to 2018. Following a ballistic missile attack, Saudi Arabia 2017 tightened its blockade of Yemen. These steps put Yemenis in more trouble as a stoppage of foodstuff, Medicines, and Fuel. This led to a rapid increase in the prices of foodstuffs and fuel which pushed Yemenis into food and health insecurity. The economy of Yemen and the health care system has collapsed. Infectious diseases such as cholera and diphtheria are rampant and widespread in all areas, with a lack of clean treated drinking water and other basic facilities.

There is no better time than this for the international community to prevent deaths in Yemen due to a lack of necessities. Yemen has seen the worst cholera outbreak since 2017 and the danger of the world’s worst famine hangs above the head. There is a dire need to unblock imports, and ensure the distribution of aid including foodstuff, medicines, and other stuff to prevent the worst outcomes. 

Is the world really abandoning Yemen?

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have been fighting to regain control of the areas back from a Houthi-led insurgency. In July 2019, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) a key ally of Saudi Arabia in the war, announced a withdrawal of its forces from Yemen. Saudi Arabia announced a unilateral ceasefire in April this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

 In 2019 at a conference held by the UN a $ 4.2 Bn in aid pledges for Yemen assistance was announced. The announcers have given very little amount in this regard, unfortunately. The health-care system of the country collapses as millions of children face starvation. Pandemic coronavirus on the peak and cholera outbreaks, and warns that UN-backed aid programs may close in weeks due to a shortage in funding.

 International pledges at a recent aid conference fell far behind what is immediately needed. The Global Coronavirus outbreak distracted the prominent members of the Yemen war. According to the United Nations, the deaths in Yemen this year from coronavirus would be more than calculated. If the healthcare system is not improved, the number of deaths due to coronavirus would increase the total number of deaths in the last five years. 

Considering the current situation, saying that Yemenis are also abandoning Yemen would not be wrong. The priority of most the educated civilians is to flee the country. The only people left in Yemen are those who cannot afford to escape the country. This is the main reason for the drowning economy of Yemen. 

Global prospects

According to many, the dispute in Yemen is also because both Saudi Arabia and Iran are bitter rivals. The war in Yemen is the result of the power struggle of both countries. The only concern of the United States is to fight against Houthi. This is why the United Nations is struggling to combat terrorism in Yemen. The US has collaborated with the Yemeni government and its allies.  The Houthis, with the back of Iran, have made drone and missile strikes on bordering Saudi Arabia escalating the tension in the region. 

 Iran and Saudi Arabia are not fighting directly to showcase their power. These two countries are in a proxy war. What happens in the Yemen war with Saudi Arabia can greatly mount regional tensions. Unstable Yemen means more attacks from terrorist groups residing there which is a threat to the western world. 

All political players must cooperate in good faith, avoid intense actions, and put the interests of Yemenis first. All Groups should respect international humanitarian law by allowing unhindered access to aid and other essential goods to the famine-hit country.

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Crimes Against Humanity

Israel’s intense Practices to Uproot the Palestinians in Jerusalem



Israeli forces demolish a Palestinian house in Jerusalem

Palestinians experienced the bloodiest and most brutal year of all time in 2022. They witnessed an unprecedented increase in the number of settlers, settlement expansion, martyrs, and confiscation of lands, especially in Jerusalem. The occupation’s relentless endeavours aim at uprooting the Palestinians in Jerusalem by controlling more Palestinian lands. They try to impose facts on the ground by building and expanding settlements and legitimizing building settlements, especially in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem is like no other city in Palestine. Israel’s ideology puts more greed in Jerusalem than any other city in Palestine. The focus on Jerusalem pictures a conflict between two histories, two geographies and two very different identities. It includes the Palestinian Arab native and the trespassing zionist. Accordingly, Israel’s ideology directs at eliminating the cultural landmarks of the capital or the Holy City. In addition, it aims to fake history aimed at reshaping the city with its exclusive Jewish output. They make it after erasing the Arab historical identity and its expression of Christian and Islamic diversity. Consequently, taking into consideration all intense practices to uproot the Palestinians in Jerusalem. 

Geographical and Demographical Judaization

Israel’s Jewdization ideology plan started its first steps in Jerusalem by initially cutting off Jerusalem from its perimeter. Their point was isolating Arab Jerusalemites from their civil, national and administrative institutions and from any activity that would maintain their interdependence. Their first planned step was initiating a vast campaign to isolate Jerusalem from its Palestinian surroundings, politically, geographically, economically, socially and demographically. They also erected the apartheid wall around the Holy City as well as settlement belts around it entirely. Israel also constructed and strengthened settlements in the heart of Arab neighbourhoods and the Old Town in  Jerusalem.
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Land Confiscation

Moreover, Since Israel’s occupation of Jerusalem in 1967, Israel has begun confiscating lands inside Jerusalem, and other Palestinian cities until it expanded to the ghetto of the Old Town which Arabs inhabited and had no trace of Jews. Land confiscation expanded until it reached the Mughrabi neighbourhood, Beit Safafa village, Beit Jala, al-Nabi Ya ‘qub, and Sheikh Jarrah area lands. Land confiscation has been happening and still happening until this day under Israel’s false pretexts. Israel has also promulgated legislation and laws prohibiting construction in large areas covering various areas of the city. In addition, they have announced other areas as “green areas” for no building. 

To this day, The Israeli occupation exploits the classification of Palestinian lands according to the Oslo Accord (a, b and c) to tighten control over Palestinians, especially in areas classified as (c) under its full control over security, planning and construction. Israel’s occupation directly exploits 76% of the total area classified as (c); 63% of which regional colonial councils control. Equally important, the areas confiscated for military bases and military training sites represent about 18% of the West Bank area, as well as the apartheid wall and expansion that isolated more than 10% of the West Bank area. 

Shamelessly, Israel’s military forces forcibly expel Palestinian citizens from their homes, inhabit them by Jewish settlers arriving from abroad, and transfer Palestinian properties to the settlers. For example, Sheikh Jarrah’s neighbourhood has been suffering from this issue. In 2008, the occupation authorities forcibly expelled the first Palestinian families from the neighbourhood and were repatriated by Jews. They expelled the Al-Ghawi family by force of arms from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighbourhood. To date, 28 Palestinian homes remain threatened with expulsion and transfer of their homes to settlers. 

Al Ghawi family's house after expelling them and moving its property to Israeli settlers
Al Ghawi family’s house after expelling them and moving its property to Israeli settlers

Demolishing “Unauthorized Construction”

In order to build homes in East Jerusalem and Area C, Palestinians must apply for a permit from the Israeli authorities, who control these areas. The vast majority of demolition orders are issued because a home or structure has been built without an Israeli permit. Every year Israel demolishes hundreds of Palestinian homes under the pretext of what Zionists call illegal construction in East Jerusalem (unauthorized construction).

Zionist authorities impose doubled penalties on Jerusalemites such as high financial fines reaching tens of thousands of shekels, actual imprisonment, and instructions requiring Jerusalemites to prove ownership of their land by highlighting the land registry. They would also oblige Palestinians to obtain the consent of their neighbours including the Mukhtar of the village or the village chief. Generally, demolition orders are based on false pretexts that Israel considers demolishing their homes itself or even making the situation harder by issuing self-demolition for the Palestinians.

Israel demolishes Palestinian houses for false pretexts

Residence, Mariage, and family reunion

In order to maintain its grip over Jerusalem, Israel took racist Judaizing uprooting practices for the Palestinians in Jerusalem. They included the withdrawal of Jerusalemites’ identities, based on a series of racist regulations, laws and judgments. This policy abolished the residence right of Palestinians living in Jerusalem, on the outskirts of Jerusalem, and outside Palestine. In that case, when the families of the banned Palestinians from entering Jerusalem apply for permission to visit them, they grant them an exit permit without returning, nonetheless.

Israel has also applied a compulsory approach to students studying outside Jerusalem. It requires them to renew their identity cards in a manner that disrupts their studying. The right of residence is revoked for those who spend seven years outside Jerusalem for the sake of education. Israel can, under its laws, easily deprive any Palestinian of residence in the city. Internal staff shall apply these instructions automatically without referring to any other reference.

Apart from this, Israel prohibits Palestinians from marrying or reuniting with their spouses from the West Bank and Gaza. As racial discrimination reflects the demographic conflict between Israel and the Palestinians. Consequently, all these tyrannical practices serve the interest of Israel to forcibly uproot the Palestinians in Jerusalem.
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General view

Psychological warfare is Israel’s best-known ideology for uprooting Palestinians to clamp down on Palestinians compelling them to leave their lands.  Palestinians will never forget Israel’s true face. They will never forget the execution of the veteran journalist Shirin Abu Akleh. They will never forget the illegal assassinations, willful injuries, arbitrary arrests, torture and other ill-treatment, persecutions and collective punishments against Palestinians, including many children. violence has always been a key feature of Israel. Palestinians will never forget. And they will never forgive.





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Christian militia infiltrate Lebanon



God's soldiers logo

Despite Lebanon’s economic and security problems, an extremist Christian group has emerged.

Many Lebanese people had questions about who these people were, who financed them, and what their agenda was, with supporters and opponents divided.

who are “Soldiers of God”?

A group of young men calling themselves “Soldiers of God” march out against the Lebanese with swords, sharpened crosses, uniform black clothing, and religious hymns and prayers in the Achrafieh district of Beirut.

Soldiers of God with a Church priest celebrating
Soldiers of God with a Church priest

As a result, there were many questions about their identity, tendencies, ideas, beliefs, goals, and supporters, with very few answers, which exacerbated the ambiguity and general suspicion.

In the Achrafieh region, on the tenth of December, a dispute took place in Sassine Square between a group of young men from outside the Christian-majority region, who arrived on motorcycles flying Moroccan, Palestinian, and Syrian flags to celebrate the victory of the Moroccan national team and its qualifying for the World Cup semi-finals.

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Soon, the celebration turned into launching religious and sectarian slogans of an Islamic nature, which provoked some Christian youths in the region, leading to a major conflict and disagreement in which the “Soldiers of God” emerged after some of them intervened, before the military and security forces separated the combatants.

A Prelude to Civil War

A report by the Army Intelligence indicated that members of a group calling itself “Soldiers of God” rose that night in the “Tayouneh crime”, on October 15, 2021, when members of the Lebanese Forces opened fire on demonstrators, killing seven and wounding dozens.

clashes in Tayouneh between Hezbollah and Lebanese forces
clashes in Tayouneh

To ratchet up sectarian tensions, crosses and religious slogans were drawn and written in several eastern neighborhoods before the ambush. Social media incitement was there at the same time.

 According to the records, many of them deployed and “are on alert without visible weapons” at several points.

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The documents also listed the names of members of this gang who took part in the shooting and revealed their connections to and funding from Anton Sehnaoui, the chairman of the Societe Générale Bank’s board of directors.

Christian soldiers are closer than the security forces

A woman was robbed in Achrafieh, B according to a deputy in Parliament, who claimed that after she went to the Achrafieh police station to report the crime, the soldiers of God showed up at her house and, when she asked how they knew, said that the police station had informed them of the incident.

According to a statement,No contact was received in this regard from a woman with any of the Achrafieh, Gemmayzeh, and Al-Nahar factions.

Also, the last two factions have moved since 11-25-2022 to another building due to maintenance work in the old building as a result of the Beirut port explosion, and until this moment, work is underway to install landline phone numbers in these two factions.

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The Beirut Police Operations Room after reviewing the recordings did not receive any communication from a woman in this regard.

The agenda of the Soldiers of God comes under the framework of self-protection aimed at renouncing any sect that is outside the Christian sect and does not follow the teachings of the Church, and this may be a precursor to a civil and bloody war in Lebanon, and it is indispensable for it.





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Is chutzpah a national feature in Israel?



Is chutzpah a national feature in Israel?

To Israel’s deep chagrin, Palestine, though visibly raped,  constantly violated, savaged and grievously wounded by decades of brutal Zionist occupation, has more or less emerged as an ultimate winner at Qatar’s gargantuan world cup carnival. And, although the victory was completely symbolic, its psychological and allegorical impact has been truly universal and overwhelming.

True, this moral victory has not reduced the number of Palestinian children,  slaughtered callously and mercilessly by the trigger-happy grand-children and great grand-children of the holocaust, nor is it expected to mitigate the protractedly harsh Israeli blockade of the thoroughly-tormented Gaza Strip. So, the rape of Palestine and persecution of its people continue unabated.

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In fact, the collective Palestinian pain has significantly increased, especially after the election of a purely fascist government in Israel, a government comprising hard-core Talmudic gurus of hate. 

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The World Cup Carnival gave supporters of the just Palestinian cause a rare opportunity to tell billions of viewers around the world that Israel’s intimidation, bullying and mendacity will not make them swerve from calling the spade a spade and identifying with the nearly helpless victims of Israel-American oppression and racism. So, Is chutzpah a national feature in Israel?

Zionist disappointment

Israel in the world cup carnival
Israeli journalists are being shunned at the World Cup Carnival in Qatar, with many fans yelling at them and refusing to conduct interviews once they find out which country they are from

Stunned by the unprecedented overflow of support for their victims, Zionists supremacists felt their magic was failing them at a crucial time.

They regurgitated decades of tales, canards,  and sheer lies in order to turn black into white as they have been doing for many decades.

 Moreover, desperate Zionists sought to invoke the convenient mantra of anti-Semitism to cover up their evilness and barbarianism, but to no avail.

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The World Cup fans, even those hailing from countries traditionally considered supportive of Israel, like Britain,  were not deterred or intimidated by the scary  Jewish Golem, as they shouted rather casually “Free Palestine.”

Moreover, the Zionists,  consistent with their timeless shamelessness and pristine chutzpah, , had expected a prodigal son’s reception in Qatar, ignoring the clarion murderous crimes of their fellow soldiers and Gestapo-like settlers, shown live on al-Jazeera TV.

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Indeed, in their depraved mindset and racism, the Zionist  thought that they had all rights and privileges to use filthy propaganda,  disinformation and sly prevarication to keep the murderous oppression meted out to the Palestinian people confined to parochial and esoteric circles.

This is because these Zionists, not only took “their right” to torment and savage their victims for granted but actually believed they have every right to silence,  suffocate and besiege every Palestinian and pro-Palestinian voice to prevent it from communicating the Palestinian plight to the world, especially western peoples.

In other words, the self-absorbed Zionists are so eager to maintain the “sanctity” of the big lie in order to proceed as “naturally” as possible with their genocidal designs against a people whose only “crime” is its enduring steadfastness and being non-members in the “Chosen People’s Club.”!  Intoxicated by their characteristic insolence and arrogance of power, the Zionists forgot that warm hospitality is not granted to rapists and child killers! The two just don’t go hand in hand.

Now,  we too are joining the chorus and we will shout in unison,   as loud as possible, Free  Palestine! No to the occupation, No to hatred, and No apartheid.

Chutzpah: The Shameless Zionist

There is no doubt that  Zionist Jews are a shameless people. By the way, the very word Chutzpa, or shamelessness,  is Yiddish- Jewish! Thus, Israeli tourists and hotel customers, wherever they go, are notorious in their anti-social behaviour. They routinely steal objects from their hotel rooms, vandalize furniture, and are quite filthy, given what they leave behind after departing.  There might be certain psychological factors behind this widespread morbid phenomenon, which make these people behave this way, including an intrinsic contempt for non-Jews, the Chosen-people superiority complex and a certain innate collective desire to inflict harm on Goyem (derogatory for non-Jews).

Alan Dershowitz wrote about ” Israeli Chutzpah” :

To the perpetrator of chutzpah, it means boldness, assertiveness, a willingness to demand what is due, to defy tradition, to challenge authority, to raise eyebrows. To the victim of chutzpah, it means unmitigated gall, nerve, uppityness, arrogance, hypocritical demanding.”

The Jerusalem Post

JESSICA STEINBERG wrote about ” Israeli chutzpah”:

It’s hard to truly translate Israeli chutzpah, that combination of audacity, nerve and boldness that characterizes the Israeli identity, but there’s no doubting its ubiquity.

The times of Israel

It’s hard to truly translate Israeli chutzpah, that combination of audacity, nerve and boldness that characterizes the Israeli identity, but there’s no doubting its ubiquity.

As to Qatar, It is well known that Zionist  Jews display condescending attitudes toward  Arabs, including citizens of Arabian Gulf states. This is despite the fact that the autocratic regimes of most of these Emirates behave quite obsequiously toward Israel, mainly to endear themselves to the American government and the powerful American Jewish lobby.

 Israeli media lamentation

As Israeli fans were received in Qatar as “pariahs and unwanted guests, ” some Israeli writers lost their composure and mental equanimity, hurling all sorts of insults, accusations, canards, and insinuations at the Qatari government and people as well as  Arabs and Muslims in general.

Writing in the pro-settler site, Ynet, under the title  “Erratic Arab rage at Qatar World Cup is not a death sentence for Israelis,” Ben Dror Yemeni claimed that the Arabs couldn’t display their joy without expressing their hatred for Israel!

He admitted there was a deep feeling of frustration among Israelis at the hostile reception they encountered in Qatar:

Israelis flocked to Qatar for the tournament thinking they would be able to reap the fruits of the Abraham Accords. Instead, Israelis were confronted upon their arrival with barrages of hate speech and abuse.”

The fascist-minded writer lamented the fact that despite Qatar’s de facto recognition of the Jewish state,  Israel was still known in the small Gulf state  as “the colonialist apartheid entity.” Resigned to this anti-Zionist reality, Yemeni  said “maybe some Israelis were a bit naïve in thinking a Muslim Brotherhood-run state would welcome us with open arms and “ahlan wa sahlan.”(ed-welcome in Arabic).

You see,  these despicable paragons of racism forgot easily  that by the time Israeli fans arrived in Doha, their trigger-happy soldiers were gleefully murdering the Palestinian children and civilians in the streets of the West Bank.

Talmudic racism triumphs

Moreover, the World Cup carnival coincided with the latest round of Israeli elections, which brought to power a racist-terrorist clique of Politicians, universally considered as the most virulent proponents of Talmudic fascism under the sun.

Needless to say, these contemptible racist terrorists, such as Itamar Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich,  can be compared with KKK in America, the Hitler Youth movement and similar evil groups. For example, Ben- Gvir is demanding the adoption of Talmudic laws as the Law of the Land. As an expert in Talmudic Judaism knows, these laws teach, inter alia,  that the lives of non-Jews have no sanctity and that raping a Goya (non-Jewish woman) should not be viewed as a real crime, only a minor “sin of bestiality,” since the woman is not really a human being! In, light the Zionists would insist on receiving utmost respect and exemplary hospitality, and at the same time maintain their toxic racism and murderous behaviour. It is a gargantuan oxymoron.





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