Is Islam Actually Calling for War?

The history of mankind is the history of wars, a belief that sometimes makes us think seriously. Since 3500 years ago to the present day, people have been able to live in a world without war for only 292 years. And the older mankind becomes, the more sophisticated the methods of destroying people by people become.

The debate over whether the Qur’an calls for the killing of infidels is as old as the world. Critics of Islam and Muslims themselves have written about this more than once. The Internet is full of articles that refute false accusations against the Muslim holy book – the Quran. But the critics are not appeased. They are blind and deaf to all sorts of denials and are led by only one goal, to turn all Muslims into bloodthirsty murderers in the eyes of the public. To achieve this goal, they do not hesitate to do anything, they appeal to unverified or inaccurate information. Take quotes from scriptures out of context, thereby completely distorting their true meaning. In some cases they do not even shun outright lies, inventing non-existent historical facts, hadith, and verses from the Quran. 

Islam is the religion of peace

Today, no matter how regrettable it’s to admit, the forces interested in destabilizing the world structure to achieve their mercantile interests, many are trying to show the world community and convince humanity that Islam is a religion of terror, aggression, and war. And all sorts of ignoramuses who are not able to understand the basics of Islam. And who has not been able to penetrate its foundations, contribute to the success of such efforts? 

Islam is a religion of peace, the priority of which is peaceful dialogue. where, through negotiations, concessions, and persuasion, a solution is reached that avoids unnecessary sacrifices. War is not an end, but only a means, and above all protection. Allah said in the Holy Quran: “Fight on the path of the Lord with those who are at war with you but do not go beyond what is permitted. Truly, the Almighty does not like those who cross borders ”(sura al-Bakara, aya-190).

That is, the Almighty says to his faithful slaves:

"Do not start the conflict first, answer only one to one, without showing cruelty and inhumanity, for He does not like those who cross the boundaries of what is permitted, the boundaries of decency and nobility."

There are times when diplomatic paths are exhausted. Treachery crosses conceivable and inconceivable boundaries. And at such moments there is no other choice.

The misuse of verses of Quran.

Unfortunately, nowadays different erroneous forms are interpreting these verses deliberately. Which ultimately leads to confrontation between the parties and discriminates, and against Muslims themselves. If a person has a drop of intelligence, then before throwing himself in the wake of such loud cries; He should think about what religion this kind of person represents? And if their actions contradict the foundations of Islam, and if the aim to Allah Almighty satisfaction. The contentment of the Merciful Creator in everything and everywhere, in large and small, and as a result of this, deliberate and balanced actions, deeds, and not blind wandering from extremes to extremes – the path of any sane person who has chosen the path of faith.

It is enough to look at the path of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH). For more than ten years of his life in Medina, Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) participated in more than 20 armed conflicts, around two years. The number of perished followers didn’t exceed 150, and the loss of his enemies was not more than 250 people. However, we see that after His death, the entire Arabian Peninsula accepted Islam, abandoning their wild customs and customs.

A weapon can frighten or kill a person, yet it can’t force him to love. Islam took its place in the hearts of millions of people, and this happened without coercion and any monstrous losses.

Islam does not call for war

It can be seen that the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) didn’t go to war to kill or die, as all media of our time are mistakenly trying to present, but went to defense within the framework of what was permitted by the Creator.

At the same time, He (PBUH) has always strictly called for the observance of the rights of peaceful citizens, and categorically condemned any oppression. As well as to the prisoners, which, despite the urgent need, food, and clothing. Moreover, the Prophet (PBUH) forbade the destruction of buildings, burning crops, and cutting down trees.

Again, it is enough to compare the picture of modernity with the history of the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) to see the incomparable difference between barbarism, human heartlessness, which does not have any spiritual basis and human mercy, compassion based on piety and fear of God.

Thanks to these principles, for more than fourteen hundred years, the word “Muslim” has been synonymous with words like “stability”, “reliability”, “security” and “peace”. We can only hope that a sincere believer today, striving for spiritual development and growth based on hard work and fear of God, will certainly again become a guarantor of security and peace in the world tomorrow.