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Why Are We Ignoring Yemen?

“The largest humanitarian crisis in the world,” says the United Nations, but we all ignore Yemen. We don’t care about what the UN reports, and we don’t mind people starving as long as we have food on our plates. Why are we acting opposite to what Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) preached to us? Perhaps, according to his teaching, we should worry and do whatever we can to help, but NO, let’s focus on ignoring.

Yemen is all about the loss of seven million civilians, around 750,000 cholera cases, famine, and more! If you are planning to ignore it, we can’t put sense into your mind, but remember, this is sickening. Ignoring Yemen despite receiving clear warnings from the UN is sickening. If you can’t afford it financially, at least, take a minute to learn what Yemen is going through so you can spread the word. Also, include them in your prayers and plead to Allah (SWT).

As a Muslim, you know that we are never helpless as long as we have the best assistance– Prayers (dua). Apart from this, you can also raise awareness so those who can financially aid will take a step forward. Now, take a few minutes off your clock to learn what’s happening in Yemen.

Do You Know What’s Happening in Yemen?

The pictures of Yemeni children should haunt you if you chose to care, but you wouldn’t even take a look because THEY are not YOU. Well, it is effortless to overlook a crisis, but not when it happens to you. May God Forbid no country should go through what Yemen is going through.

They waged war once, but they made sure to leave Yemen bleeding for years. They have been suffering in all possible ways for more than a hundred years, yes, HUNDRED YEARS, let that sink in. Tens of thousands of people were killed, and millions lost their limbs, homes, and families. Healthcare systems were destroyed, leaving the country helpless while the civilians lost lives.

It is impossible to treat patients when the country lacks a proper healthcare system. One of the best examples is the USA. No matter how great the county is, they still lack the most important thing –an adequate healthcare system.

However, something that pulls Yemen further down is the famine war weapon. We cannot stress how cruel it is to select HUNGER as a weapon. Controlling the imports to Yemen is nothing but outright inhumanity. Food importation has not only been controlled by one side but by all sides. If this doesn’t leave your heart aching, we don’t know what will.

How Would You Feel if You Skip Meals for A Day?

You wouldn’t even give it a try because the thought itself sends shivers. But Yemenis are dying of hunger; starvation is striking more than ever. Millions of children and women are malnourished, and treatments aren’t in sight. We cannot blame the healthcare system destroyed by war.

As if this is not enough, the cholera epidemic is taking turns in Yemen. Yemeni’s immunity levels are lower, apparently due to lacking good food and a healthy living style. Thus, they are likely to face the worst cases due to the cholera epidemic. But that’s not all; coronavirus too decided to push Yemen down the drain. It is unfathomable that Yemen has to face the pandemic despite handling the worst humanitarian crises.

UN has warned Yemen’s coronavirus death toll will surpass the total death toll of disease, hunger, and war in Yemen during these last years. It is expected to reach above 100, 000 people and this is devastating.

Those who are complaining about the taste of their new pizza topping and those who whine that they couldn’t find that comfortable sleeping position take a minute to ponder on the country that’s slowly fading from the map. We are not saying you should enjoy the luxury you were blessed with but stop turning a blind eye towards Yemen. They deserved to be heard, and they deserved to be seen. They deserved to be fed.

According to the United Nations World Food Programme, around $373m in funding is required to wipe off famine from Yemen. Roughly, around 10 million people are starving and expect urgent food relief. We lack time, and people are already dying. If people chose to wait until the famine is declared, then losing millions of Yemenis can’t be controlled, it is already too late.

Yemen’s crisis is taking multiple folds; lost food imports, increased food prices, depletion of foreign currency reserves, and falling riyal.

If the World Cared, It Wouldn’t Have Become a War People Forgot

The world is accountable for the crisis in Yemen because we decide to overlook it. The Saudi-led coalition complicated the situation with the support of the UK, France, and the USA. We can easily pass the ball saying nature plays a role in famine disasters but think about it. It’s 90% human-made because Yemen wholly relies on food imports.

Al- Hudaida’s Red Sea port was the center for 80-90% of food imports, which was tactically bombed while the rebels destroyed the essential facilities to delay imports. Additionally, food supplies were destroyed or held back without letting them reach the dying civilians. Using famine as a war weapon is a humanitarian catastrophe.

Yemen is on the brink of washing off the map, and it’s disturbing. It is even more disturbing to know that approximately 12 million children are in danger. But there are a few things that you can do to help:

  • You can pray for them, as Muslims, we strongly believe in prayers (dua). The best gift you can offer to someone you love is to have them in your prayers. Similarly, ask Allah (SWT) to ease and provide relief to Yemen’s crisis.
  • You can spread the word. Raising awareness is one of the prominent things to do. For example, if you ask the people around you whether they know what’s happening in Yemen, most might have no clue. And if the awareness hits the right eye, Yemen might get some aid. Even little help counts.
  • You can donate if you would like to. Many unverified links request donations, but the donations might never reach the needy. Therefore, you can consider donating to KEEP A VULNERABLE CHILD SAFE IN YEMEN or YEMEN EMERGENCY APPEAL, and you can check them yourself to make sure that they are verified. If you are interested, you can donate whatever you can. If you aren’t able to donate, please share the links around.

The best time to ACT is RIGHT NOW!

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