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Marriage is a Heavy and Serious Contract in Islam

Do you think that marriage in Islam is barbaric?

To those who claim that Islam is barbaric, you will change your opinion when you digest these little words.

A religion that is created to have a sacred message for all human beings and imposed regulations for men’s and women’s relationships in life. 

In the Holy Quran, Allah mentioned the contract of the marriage as “a heavy contract”.

It means that this contract is tied like a knot to emphasize how strong and serious the relationship should be.

Moreover, the beauty of the words of Allah (God) never ends. It draws a glorious image of marriage in Islam when it compares it to the garment. The word garment itself spouts many significant meanings such as beauty, protection, adjacent, concealment, and so on. The two spouses in Islam have to present the same role as the garment to us.

Thus, the spouses in Islam have to help, protect, love each other and take care of one another.

In addition to that when Islam came, it eliminated all types of marriage in the “Jahiliyah” (the era before Islam) which had been very humiliating, especially to women.

Islam transformed men’s and women’s relationships concept, from being two spouses sharing the same roof into a concept of great company. Sharing not only the same roof but also the same feelings, perspectives, ideas, and life as a whole.

Islam’s uniqueness on women’s part is obvious as well because when it came it rescued the woman from being a slave to the husband or being a tool that anybody can use to fulfill his desire.

Overall, as Islam described marriage as a heavy contract then Islam clarified the role of the two spouses inside the nest of marriage. By this Islam ensures a safe road for both spouses. In addition to considering that this road may have some obstacles, by following Islam regulations in marriage the solution is going to be in hands.

The woman is the first hand for marriage in Islam

1. Does a Muslim woman have the right to choose her future husband?

When a woman came to the prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him) and told him that her father forced her to marry a man that she doesn’t like, the prophet rescinded the marriage.

In another story, is when a woman came to the prophet telling him that her parents forced her to marry a man against her wishes. The prophet said that she has the right to choose whether she wants to continue or nullify the marriage.

We can infer from these two stories that Islam never forced a woman to marry a man against her desires. Instead, Islam has given the woman as well as the man the full right to choose the right person to live with, away from compulsion.

2. What is the role of women as a wive in Islam?

Islam considers the woman as a homemaker or a children educator and her husband’s dwelling. Besides all those duties, Islam doesn’t deprive her of the freedom to work outside her house, and for both, she will have a great reward from Allah (God). Here – in brief- are the wife’s roles in Islam:

  • Take care of her husband’s needs such as preparing food whenever he comes back from work feeling tired and hungry, yet it is not something obligatory when she is tired or has a serious excuse.
  • She has a great responsibility to grow up the children and take care of their needs.
  • Be honest with her husband and guard what can’t be seen and the house’s secrets.
  • She doesn’t have the right to go places that her husbands forbid or even talk to men that her husband doesn’t want to.
  • Of course, she has to show her beauty and glitter to her husband. Therefore, he must find a tidy clean and glittered woman who satisfies him.

Man is the other hand in marriage

The marriage completion must have the consent of two parties (the man and the woman).

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Does the husband have an equal role to his wife?

Islam equals the two spouses in this serious contract. On the other hand, Allah (God) distributes the responsibilities between the two spouses according to his or their abilities.

Husbands’ main responsibilities are as follows:

paying alimony: the man is responsible for house expenses

  • Constancy: the man mustn’t be fluctuant with his wife and family. He ought to be determined, whenever he says something, he can’t change his mind.
  • commitment: he must commit to his oaths to his wife and children.
  • protection: the man is supposed to provide safety and tranquility to the woman.
  • justice: he must be fair in his judgments he also doesn’t have the right to hit her.
  • motivating: he must be a source of motivating her to his best.

Lastly, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) said: “ the best among you is the best to his family and I am the best of you to my family.” This Hadith (speech) does summarize all men’s duties in such a contract. The harmony that he (PBUH) drew in his house with his wives is the total image of marriage in Islam.

All in all, Marriage in Islam is a nourished life in life.

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