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Islam Gave Women a Beautiful and Respectful Life

Do you know that many religions consider women a tool of the devil, who is responsible for every problem?

Many people believe that this view is to deprive the woman of her rights and oppress her pointlessly. But Islam describes women in the Quran as very effective humans in the community not only at home. Furthermore, Islam gives women a place of honor, and this could be seen clearly through the holy book of Islam. In the Quran, a Whole chapter “Surah” is named after a woman who is “Maryam”, peace be upon her, (Jesus’ mother). 

Islam gave her an equal position with men in the rights and responsibilities. Every man and woman has to obey God, help each other, and complete each other as well. 

Decent Life is What all Women Deserve

Muslims believe in Allah’s wisdom for creating men and women to do a specific mission in their lives. In other words, Allah created men stronger than women to protect them, and to keep them as a source of passion. Eventually, everyone completes the other. This harmony among humans assures a life full of mercy, love, and logic as well. 

Nowadays, the media and some people are trying to tell that Islam oppresses women, even without any historical evidence for this. However, Muslims everywhere reject any attempt to change the conception of Muslims towards their religion and try to show many success stories rarely mentioned in the media.

Islam considers women as fragile as glass therefore, must be taken care of her. And it’s clear through the Quran that the woman whether she is a girl, wife, mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, or a worker, or whatever she is, has the absolute right to education, work outside the house, and much more.

The Muslim Woman as a Wife 

 One of the wrong ideas about the Muslim woman, she is forced to marry her husband. This is a wrong conception. Because in Islam marriage doesn’t solemnize without the permission of the woman as well as the man. Furthermore, Islam doesn’t use the term “housewife” like in the west. Instead, call her a “homemaker” since she’s the one who builds and makes the house. Thus, the Quran considers her a partner to the husband. A husband must do his duties and be away from the concept of treating her like a slave.

Also, Islam treats both spouses identically by affirming the similarity of their natures and their right to have Peace in the marriage; it also holds them to the same standards of loving and tolerant behavior. The marriage contract also assumes legal equality. However, Islam also treats spouses differently on a number of issues. For instance, it privileges the wife’s testimony over that of the husband in the case of adultery.

A good example of a good wife is “A’esha” the third wife of our prophet Mohammad peace be upon her, because of her strong relationship and great harmony between them he died in her lap between her hand.

The Muslim Woman has Rights as a Mother

Being a mother in Islam means a lot for many reasons. Her role is not confined to doing the household chores, but to raising children well and preparing them to be effective in the community. For another reason, Islam joint filial piety with God’s obedience. So, she has the right to have her son’s care and respect. Besides, Islam commands the sons to contact their mothers even if their mothers are not Muslims. An example of this is when the prophet Mohammad, peace be upon him, told “Asma Bent Abi baker” to visit her mother, despite that her mother was a nonmuslim or even a polytheist.

Islam treats both parents identically by counseling kindness towards them; however, it also treats them differently by privileging mothers over fathers, and by mandating disobedience to parents in specific cases, which undercuts the father’s authority more than it does the mother’s in patriarchy.

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The Muslim Woman is Allowed to Work 

Do you know that Islam obligates the man to be responsible for the adequate support of the woman?

However, Islam did not deprive the woman of her right to the wok. Moreover, she is free to think and work whatever she wants unless it abuses her health, body, or ethics. Actually, Islam assumes both women and men have the same ability to reason and also similar patterns of reasoning.

Before Islam, Prophet Mohammad’s wife, Khadija Bent Khowayled, was a successful trader, and when Islam didn’t ban her right to work. 

These are a few of the millions of shreds of evidence in which Islam treat woman as effective and successful person. Unfortunately, this is what many do not know about Islam.

It is worth mentioning that because of the prophet’s extreme care for Muslim women, peace is upon him, he devoted one day of the week just to Muslim women and to discussing with them the affairs of their Islam. Moreover, he recommends Muslims in his last speech to take care of their relatives of women, treat them well, give them their rights in all life aspects, and described them as flakes so that we must not break them for whatever reason.

Advice to Non-muslims, if you are interested to know about Islam, then ask Muslims themselves and read the trusted sources.

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