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Is Islam Really a Complete Code of Life?

Islam is the world’s second-largest religion, with a following of around 2 billion people. Its following is rapidly growing in the modern age due to the versatility it brings.  From the creation of this universe to the end of it, almost every part of life has been addressed in Islam.

Moreover, it conveys a memorandum of harmony and peace. Parity, justice, honesty, truthfulness, and piety are some of the primary teachings of Islam. It lays concrete foundations for a civilized and cultured society and ends discrimination based on caste, color, or race. It preaches that all men are equal. They are the offspring of Adam. The honored and successful are those who are virtuous and honest.

Two Most Essential Elements of Islam

1. The Holy Quran

2. Hadith (Sayings of Prophet Muhammad)

So, the teachings of Islam are extracted directly from these two sources. Both of them contain the secret of success in life since Islam highlights all aspects of human life. It discusses social, political, economic, and almost every element of life. It also suggests solutions for all the problems faced by us in our daily lives.

Politics and Islam

If we consider politics, Islam presents the best political system. It emphasizes that all the decisions should be made with mutual counseling. The Prophet Muhammad made all decisions with the consensus of “Shura” – a counsel that contained representatives from all over the state. After Him, His Caliphs also used to make decisions with the help of Shura.

Islam strongly believes in democracy. The public chooses the leader from the best qualified and privileged inhabitants. If the leader does not come up with the expectations of the masses, he/she is replaced. The state has to provide justice and security to its people. Islam says that the supreme leadership belongs to Allah (God), and man is His adjutant.

Family Life

The religion of harmony and love could be said as another name for Islam. It believes in the concept of a true family system. Getting married is a religious duty for those who are able to meet its responsibilities of it. The members of a family are bound together through the bonds of marital relationships or blood ties. It doesn’t harshly impose living in a family system but provides adaptable rights to every single member of the family.

Social Life

It is a general concept that if you want to please God, then you’ll have to quit your social life. In other words, people think that quitting social life and living like a monk is the key to finding God. Surprisingly, Islam strictly prohibits this. To raise a family and earn by working hard is considered a virtue in Islam.

The Prophet Muhammad said,

“A hardworking man is a friend of Allah (God).”

Courtesy and Good Manners

Islam lays much stress upon good manners and courtesy. Allah likes those who do others a favor. All courteous deeds are mainly held in esteem by Islam. Allah is very kind to those who are courteous with his creatures.

Our Prophet Muhammad said,

“The best amongst you is the one whose manners are the best.”

This shows that Islam promotes courtesy and good manners. Islam says that the prime purpose of education should be to make humans courteous, well-mannered, and polite. It doesn’t promote war and even prohibits killing a single human being.

Cleanliness and Personal Hygiene

Allah sent the last Messenger (Prophet Muhammad) as an example to humanity, who also taught the health and personal hygiene to follow. Prophet Muhammad said, “Cleanliness is half of faith.”

He taught us everything, including hygiene of different parts of the body from oral health to sleep and environmental hygiene. When coughing, sneezing, or yawning, Islam teaches to cover the mouth and nose with a handkerchief, a tissue, or hands as well.

Wudu (ablution) and prayer have health benefits as well as provide a direct connection with Allah.

Miswak (teeth cleaning twig made from the Salvadora persica tree) is a superb antimicrobial toothbrush for dental hygiene, gum infection cure, teeth whitening, and relieving smelly breath while giving you a sweet mouth odor, minimizing plaque and gingivitis. It has been proved that the Miswak has active ingredients, Salvadorian and trimethylamine, anti-cariogenic and anti-inflammatory, which are not present in toothpaste.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “The Miswak cleanses and purifies the mouth and pleases the Lord.”

The Prophet (PBUH) said about the Miswak, “If I didn’t have the fear that I might overburden my followers, I would have commanded them to use it before every prayer” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim).

Worships in Islam and their Advantages

Worships in Islam are not just physical movements but purify the body and relax the mind. These worships include Prayer, Fasting, Zakat (charity giving), and the Hajj (pilgrimage). It is proved by studies that praying five times a day is a healthy exercise for all body parts. Zakat is actually charity giving, which applies to those only who have a certain amount of wealth.

It is basically a way to help the poor with your wealth. It is a way to please Allah and to help the poor people of the community. Islam says that those who do not pay Zakat are not even considered Muslims. Indirectly, it emphasizes helping the poor. This shows that Islam is a religion that does not ignore even the poor.

Fasting does have multiple advantages, as well. It is proved by research that fasting for a whole month for a particular time of the day reduces the chances of cancer. The wastes of the body are utilized and removed. Eventually, it shows that these worships are a source of pleasing the Almighty on the one hand, while at the same time, they have several advantages for us and society.

In a nutshell, Islam is the ultimate source of guidance and light for all. Its teachings are evergreen and eternal. It gives information and instructions about every sphere of life as well as an exhaustive commentary on economics, science, ethics, politics, religion, philosophy, psychology, logic, and nature. Islam has explained every aspect of life, and it motivates a man to ponder over the secrets of nature and discover new and novel ideas.

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