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Why Humanity Should Be Thankful to Prophet Muhammad

There are always some reasons for us to love someone. These may be one’s good habits, personality, deeds, behaviors, etc. Similarly, there is a personality named Mohammed PBUH, who is loveable to all. Humanity must thank Prophet Muhammad for what he did for this world. I’m not saying this without any proof. It is proved by glancing at history. There are several reasons for that.

First of all, the life of the Holy Prophet is a perfect model for us to follow. It preaches divine love and gives us a sense of achievement. It raises the good qualities of personal and social life. His sayings are the true guiding light. His life urges us to have high morals. The life of Mohammad gives us spiritual and social guidance. If a person has so many loveable qualities, then why shouldn’t we adore him? Mankind must be grateful to him.

Secondly, the Holy Prophet laid stress upon diligence. He said,

“The hard-working man is a friend of Allah.”

The Holy Prophet used to do his work with his own hands. He disliked if someone should do his work for him. The whole life of the Holy Prophet reflects the dignity of work. The beloved daughter of the Holy Prophet did her household work herself. She herself would grind the floor, bring water, and sweep the house. So His life urges us to do hard work.

Eradication of Ignorance from Society

Thirdly, before Islam, Arabs were entangled in sins. There were prevailing clouds of ignorance everywhere, and there was not any ray of truth’s light. Different crimes like robbery, fraud, murder, and burying daughters alive were so common that they were not even considered crimes. Disputes starting from minor issues continued for centuries.

Then the whole world saw the change in this pathetic environment after the arrival of the Prophet Mohammed. He preached Islam and taught humanity. He made people know the difference between wrong and right. Due to his teachings, women got the honor in society, which they are still enjoying in Islamic culture. They were honored to be mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters. Due to his teachings, the people of Arab who used to bury their daughters alive started celebrating their birth. After comprehending this all, humanity must thank Prophet Mohammad.

The Holy Prophet, in his last address, asked the Muslims to treat the women and the slaves kindly. The Holy Prophet said,

“Verily, the heaven lies under the mother’s feet.”

Muhammad, as an Embodiment of Justice

Fourthly, as an exemplary judge and arbiter, he set standards of justice and law. Muhammed has been honored as an embodiment of law and justice by the supreme court of the United States. The world knows him as the greatest law-giver of humankind.

Once, a woman from Quraish was captured as a thief. The holy Prophet pronounced her guilty after seeing the evidence and she was ordered to be punished as per the law. Some people wanted to save her as she belonged to the honorable tribe of Quraish. Hazrat Osama bin Zaid (one of the companions of Muhammad) requested the holy Prophet to forgive her. His request made the holy Prophet very angry. He declared that the law was equal for all and was not different for the poor and rich. He further explained that he would have given the same punishment to his daughter Fatima if she had committed theft.

Sakhr, chief of a tribe, had helped the Holy Prophet for which the Holy Prophet was thanking him. Two cases were brought against him. The Holy Prophet gave a decision against him and ordered him to quit his crimes.

These two incidents show the absolute impartiality of the Holy Prophet in doing justice. All the qualities mentioned above make everyone love him.

Personality and Family Background

Fifthly, Prophet Muhammad had a great personality. He had a broad chest, large eyes, a bright face, and black hair. He never wore unclean clothes throughout his life and always emphasized cleanliness.

One of his sayings (Hadith) about cleanliness is,

“Cleanliness is a part of faith.”

He belonged to a noble tribe of Arabs, Quraish. His tribe was considered respectful by the entire Arab. The standards for loving someone in this modern world are appearances, looks, family background, etc. So if we look from this aspect, we still find him perfect and loveable.

Affectionate Behaviour

Sixthly, he emphasized loving the children and respecting the elders.

He said, “The one who doesn’t show affection for  children is not amongst us.”

His care and affection were not limited only to humans, but they were equal to animals. Once he saw a hungry camel. He said to his owner, “You must be scared of God in the case of this poor animal.”

To sum up his qualities, he set standards for justice. He gave respect to women and eradicated ignorance from Arabs. He preached morality and was kind to all, whether humans or animals.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) gave a new direction to the lost ones. In short, he was the benefactor of humanity. All these characteristics make him loveable.

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