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The Roaring Giant of Racism!

Racism is an ugly aspect of our communities. Since the earliest civilizations, men have been at each other’s throats for outfitting a different group or race.

That “Group” instinct of the few people that protected them from other associations in the past has evolved into what we know as “Racism” in this modern-day world.

Since everything is connected and traveling is much easier nowadays, people from different parts of the world are able to see and interact with each other.
This not only creates opportunities for collaboration but also sparks the fire for many ambivalence.

Here are a few reasons why Racism has become a global trend,

The Racist Attitude

It is in human nature to choose sides when two groups face off and this choice is defined by several factors like the social environment, personal interests, etc. So, do not just expect someone to be racist just because he does not agree with you. Instead, think about why you are not agreeing with him and you will understand the situation better.

People have been involved in racism since the medieval ages and wars have been waged because of it. To this date, racism has become one of the world’s biggest problems causing civil unrest, wars, and terrorism, all over the world.

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So, what can a simple person like you do about it?

Most of the time, it is better to mind your own business but it is just as important to leave other people with what they are doing. This will not only save you from being a target but also serve well to improve the image of your group in the eyes of a racist person.

You can not overcome negativity with negativity, positivism in a negative situation is hard, but it is for the best.

What promotes Racism?

Here are a few things that can raise racism to an alarming level,

– Social Environment

The most influencing factor that promotes Racism is the environment itself. Think about it, if an individual constantly visualizes mistreatment towards a certain group of people, it will not be long before that individual starts thinking of it as the right thing.

This is the point that will decide how that individual will deal with that specific group of people and the people after him. For this reason, the concept of Racism has reached this far in the future and modern-day humans merely through observation and practice.

What is the most terrifying is the fact that it goes on for generations.

For example, the whites and black culture in America or Muslims and Christians – are all just a small fraction of racism problems because of versatile social and environmental factors.

– Personal Interests

Self-interest is the real culprit behind many negative things in this world. Similarly, a person will use racism whenever he can to add more to his personal gain. This is the second biggest reason why racism is so evident in our communities.

– Emotional Factors

Emotions come into play when a tragic event happens. Just like George Floyd’s death stirred a whole lot of movement against racism and thus the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

Similarly, events like these can cause racism as well. For example, the 9/11 incident caused a huge wave of racism and unrest against Muslims.

Now, emotions are delicate and the quickest way to promote racism is by linking people emotionally with it. Once you have a strong emotion to fuel the feeling, racism will sprout from its seeds.

What can you do about Racism?

When it comes to Racism, there is little a single individual can do. Battling racism requires effort, planning, understanding, and most of all tolerance.

All of these traits must be the characteristics of the whole community if you are to contain racism but not many communities have been able to muster the strength to control racism.

This roaring giant causes a lot of human rights violations and genocides all over the world. It can only be stopped if people start to act like one and understand each other regardless of their own personal interests.

By far, that has not happened which leaves us with only one option and we have complete control over that – changing ourselves.

The best YOU can do!

The only thing you are capable of doing is to change yourself and your household. So, leave the idea of changing society yourself. You can simply become nicer to people or if that is not possible, the least you can do is to mind your own business. That will be much better and not only raise your reputation in a racist environment but also improve the community overall.

“Don’t do badly if you can’t do good”

It is simple, literally that simple!

What Racism has done in the past!

Racism is undoubtedly one of the worst things that go on in a community and it has devastating effects on a community.

Not only it consume the community’s economy but also demoralizes its people. If you have heard about the largest conflict arising due to racism against Jews, you might know Adolf Hitler.

Yes! The Nazi-German Idea to free the world from Jews – was one of the reasons behind the start of WW2.

Thus, racism is not just limited to civil unrest but it can also lead to world wars and genocide. Generally, a racist community is unstable and bleeds until it consumes itself which is more of a reason to avoid feeding the public with negativity against a certain group.

The major one being the grudge against Muslims, this racism that the whole Islamic nation is facing just because of the actions of a few militants is one of the biggest examples of immaturity in racism.

You can never judge a community by the actions of a few people!

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There is not much left to say about the negative aspects of Racism except for the fact that there is nothing positive in it. So, we will end this piece of writing with Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) words;

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “Your God is one and your ancestor (Adam) is one. An Arab is not better than a non-Arab and a non-Arab is not better than an Arab. And a red (white tinged with red) person is not superior to black and black is not better than red, except in piety.”

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