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Goodbye Katie Hopkins

Far-right activist Katie Hopkins is removed from Twitter.

Katie Hopkins is a past contestant of The Apprentice, a British entrepreneurship contest. Unfortunately, she has become more known for her racist, fascist, and discriminatory views.

Hopkins avidly shares her views on Twitter, which has banned her indefinitely, as of today.

Sadly, Katie Hopkins did not have the intelligence to foresee the power of Black Lives Matter. Known to dislike children by their names, and to call them on their worth by it, Hopkins assures Britain on This Morning, how to save your children, from stupid playmates.


Despite never having heard of Katie Hopkins up until now, sadly, the views she supports are not new.

Katie is the one on the right with pink hair.

Seemingly, whilst no one else on the planet is to be an individual, Hopkins has every privilege to do so.

Katie Hopkins was a Mail Online columnist and a radio host. She has since lost both contracts, as well as her Twitter account.

When people up and down the length of Britain balk at the idea of racism within the country, and yet there is a woman promoting hatred within the headlines and on the radio; it beckons for the truth. It demands the exposure of those who discriminate and seek to separate, instead of unifying.

The truth is racism and fascism, of which Hopkins is both, dress as many guises.

If Katie has been put in a position that undeniably allows a voice of hatred for she does not hide it, then who are the people behind her?

These people are directly prejudiced by association. Piers Morgan chose to hire this woman, and only sacked her in 2017. Hopkins actually became runner-up in Celebrity Big Brother. There was even a talk show ‘If Katie Hopkins Ruled the World’.

Granted, the views are sensationalist, attract attention and push sales, but the big wigs of media, have a responsibility before all else to provide figures that are impartial.

Since 2017, Twitter has been her predominant outlet, in which she garnered over 1 million followers. A devotee of Brexit and Donald Trump, Katie really believes that Trump will ‘Make America Great Again’. Her latest tweets were to antagonize Marcus Rashford who championed the free school meal bill.

She wrote and Twitter later took down: ”Dear Marcus Rashford, do you think women should think about how they are going to feed a child before they decide to have it?

Katie now has very few outlets in which people are objected to listening to her. The problem does not end with Katie, however. Spending five minutes on Twitter, I realise a well-known follower and friend of Katie @DVATW who is a far-right advocate, is followed by @eamonholmes himself.

I tweeted @eamonholmes:

He then replied by following Nigel Farage, yet applauding Marcus Rashford. It has always been a mystery as to how a figure such as Eamon Holmes has managed to last so long on television. There have been countless times on This Morning where Holmes has been inappropriate in the manner he obviously feels comfortable projecting.

He told a rape victim ‘I hope you take taxis now coming home at night’

Whilst Holmes was not necessarily blaming the victim for the attack, it shows how inappropriate Holmes can be.

Eamonn Holmes is an old narrative of a bygone age, who even managed to make Phillip Schofield’s coming-out announcement awkward.

Holmes commented on the bewilderment faced as to how Schofield could get in a hot tub with Willoughby and her husband be okay with it.

Inappropriateness aside, it is nothing compared to learning that such a high-profile media figure, who is a journalist, supports fascists like @DVATW. As a Guardian statement suggests:

Also, Check

‘You can tell a lot by the friends he keeps’

This was an article by The Guardian on Nigel Farage, Holmes’s latest man. UKIP is a right-wing party, of course, that is evident, but the article suggests Farage plays it cool, with those he associates with. One person that has not been so private to cover up, is the Italian right-wing Northern League founder Umberto Bossi. Bossi suggested all illegal immigrants to be shot at one time.

These are figures within our network, broadcasting, and daily parameters of what is ‘okay’ to say and ‘get away with’. 

How is it that these figures have prevailed for so long and even been allowed? As journalists, they are bound by impartiality. Holmes seems to be part of an era that has allowed this to run away, and here we are in the middle of a white privilege and elitist mess.

Thankfully, there is another generation coming up, but it does make you worry about the messages that are silently making their way across our TV screens.

These may not be direct associations with politics like Farage, but it is there. Sometimes the best hiding place is the one in plain sight. It is the background story that people need to start waking up to, calling out, and not putting up with.

Katie Hopkins was a start, long may it continue.