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The Media Handling of Dominic Cummings

Have the media maintained impartiality concerning the Cummings affair?

I hope in time, apologies are made to Dominic Cummings for the poor handling he has been subjected to by the media.

I hope the red light is put upon the media and kept there. They have made villains of countless others.

Journalism requires impartiality above all else. This means a story must feature all views and angles of a subject, in spite of the journalist’s personal opinion.

Unfortunately, this seldom seems to be the case nowadays. There are always two sides to every story or more. Yet more often than not, only one narrative is heard.

When the Dominic Cummings story first appeared, I did not give it great attention because I was tired of whining, and tittle tat. Despite my efforts, the story became louder than the headlines, and soon I had no choice other than to hear about ‘that cabinet minister’.

Of course, as it became clear, Dominic Cummings is not a cabinet minister. He is a political strategist and advisor to Boris Johnson. Oh, how information can change.

Oh how quickly a narrative can form. It is fodder to the wolves, give them what they want, and they will respond.

As much as Westminster is full of snotty brats, it also makes company with those who have a mind of their own. Okay, I know, I am creating my own narrative as we speak, but bear with me.

Dominic Cummings is not a brat. He has worked hard to have culminated such a position, starting out at a North East primary school, and later privately schooled. He went to Oxford University, but not without merit. And his endeavors strike me as someone who has found their way in the world; living in Russia and self-educating on topics he thought bore headway in running a government.

A government that does not get on so well with Cummings at the best of times. Cummings is known to ‘take no prisoner and does not look to make friends. He is known to ruffle feathers of those he believes are not qualified to be in office, which he also terms as ‘elite’ and he makes his opinions heard. 

A large number of Conservative party members have called for his resignation during this latest uproar. 

Even though, despite political administration to the Conservatives, he is not a Conservative party member. It appears Cummings is somewhat an impartial figure.

Has this been the episode Westminster has been waiting for?

What a prize opportunity to oust a figure who is a party of his own.

Yet, Dominic Cummings is not without support. He has firm allies in Michael Gove, whom he worked for, and Matt Hancock; the current health secretary. Most significant, he also has firm loyalty to Boris Johnson, as has been seen.

Whatever you may think or say about this whole saga, Dominic Cummings worth cannot be denied.

Clearly, the man knows what he is doing. He has been a significant figure in Brexit and as mentioned in a previous post: helped Boris to win an unlikely campaign, to become Prime Minister.

The press release that was given by Cummings only confirms that he genuinely cares about his job, and understands his importance. 

For example, he immediately returned to work after the two-week quarantine period and seemed anxious to do so. 

The man was battling with altered eyesight after his two-week battle with Covid 19.

Not many people would return to work with affected eyesight. 

Laura Kuenssberg, a journalist for the BBC came under attack from The Daily Mail after she was accused of ‘defending’ Dominic Cummings via a Tweet.

‘A key part of Laura’s job is to reflect views from many different parties in any given news story, which she did throughout her reporting and in her Twitter posts, during Friday evening and the rest of the weekend.

BBC, in defense of Laura Kuenssberg.

Kuenssberg suggested a different angle from the one that has been perpetuated across the country. Apparently, this meant she was in defense.

‘Source says his trip was within guidelines as Cummings went to stay with his parents so they could help with childcare while he and his wife were ill – they insist no breach of lockdown.’

Laura Kuenssberg’s Tweet

Kuenssberg quoted from a source, that this is part of her job, to be impartial.

This is not the reporting filling our eyes, ears, and mouths, it seems.

Kuenssberg is being accused of what her job requires her to do. 

Yet, Emily Maitlis seems to forget her role as a journalist on the BBC’s Newsnight program:

“Dominic Cummings broke the rules. The country knows that and it’s shocked the government cannot.”

Dominic Cummings is known to have his finger on the switch. Maitlis uses this, referencing Cummings as ‘the man who got the public mood’, and ‘he should understand that public mood now’.

I would like to ask if Maitlis understands her job? Apparently, she also ‘got’ the public ‘mood’.

I hasten to say, the ‘mood’ has become the ‘agenda’.

She continues:

‘Tonight we consider what this blind loyalty tells us about the inner workings of No.10’

Right now, I consider what the blind loyalty to your agenda tells us, and the inner workings of the BBC.

It tells me that there is bias and it is beyond the stagnation point.

She has since been pulled from Newsnight.