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Spirituality as the New Fascism



Fascism written

The Worrying Trend Emerging out of the New Age Movement

What is Fascism?

Fascism is not confined within political gates alone.

Known as a far-right ideology, the notion focuses on a race, group, or force as being superior and maintaining the status quo.

This is more than a group upholding the ideal. It is non-secular: it disregards those who do not measure up, there is only ‘us and them’. 

This is indeed where Hitler made the ideology most infamous. The Aryan race referred to all those with blonde and blue eyes. All those that did not meet the criteria were otherwise disposed of (literally). Welcome concentration camps and the annihilation of whole races, who of course, were the Jews.

Robert Paxton, who is a professor in the study of fascism at Columbia University; denotes that fascism sees ‘national strength’ as what makes a nation “good”. Anything that does not make the cut, is ostracised.

What makes a nation strong? What makes a group strong?

Do individuals need to be physically strong? What about mentally strong, or perhaps biologically strong?

Does a fascist ideology pick and choose? According to Paxton, fascists do pick and choose. The man was ultimately superior according to the Nazis, yet it is women who are biologically stronger. Yet women do not have the physical strength of men. Who are we to do away with? And so the ultimate measure became a set of characteristics.

We have all experienced fascism of some kind or another. I experienced fascism at primary school, when I was not deemed worthy of a group, or as a team-mate. In the absence of acceptance, we seek out our own niche, a sense of belonging. Or we stand alone and find our own voice.

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The New Age Movement

I have lived in various different countries over the past ten years. I have spent a decade being an ex-pat. It is inevitable that such an experience will attract outsiders or those who believe in a different way. Everyone has their own experience here on Earth, and we try to find our own path if we can.

Expats are naturally inclined to be more independent, autonomous, self-seeking, and curious. If they were not, why would they move to a country very different from their own?

The ex-pat community serves this motivation to improve, persevere, and to self-actualize. Daily life is a new take on everything: Yoga upside down, Vegan restaurants serving eggs, and a whole new culture to digest. The further away from the culture, the further away from your experience.

Often people who have become autonomous, have traveled. They have experienced things that have questioned their beliefs, and is this not the reason they left home in the first place?

Expat communities across the world experiment on many different levels: with their diet, their motivation, their spirituality, and their norms and values. 

Many are Vegan, self-made, and creative. Anything that offers greater autonomy is a game.

They are part of the New Age movement, which inspires spirituality. Spirituality concerns the deeper meaning of life and living a life of purpose. It is steeped in the notion of consciousness, and the importance to act mindfully.

Let’s compare the New Age movement to communities that have never left home. Communities who have never sought, and struggle to maintain health, let alone find their life purpose.

These are communities that are unfortunately being ravaged by the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Especially in America.

The New Age Outbreak

Yet, there seems to be an outbreak within the New Age community with far-reaching implications.

New-age leaders and practitioners are speaking a language vested in their own self-interest.

One self-made entrepreneur, who owns her own yoga retreat in Costa Rica, recently posted a picture of her, her husband, and 18 of their friends in Austin, Texas.

This was to celebrate her recent pregnancy. At all other times, this is a beautiful occasion.

However, there is a global pandemic going on. Texas was only in stage 1 of re-opening. This does not include mass gatherings. 

She has had numerous comments on her social media, with one follower quoting:

“Gathering in groups this large is still not recommended by the CDC. My perspective is that it’s not all about YOU”

She and her husband believe there is a conspiracy afoot and an ulterior motive concerning Covid 19. Hence the gathering.

This is someone who holds herself highly accountable for how she lives her life, and perhaps more so how she is perceived. Living a conscious life-all is one, all is connected. Her business is based upon it, trading as a ‘holistic business coach’ and she posts openly and honestly, reflecting upon her life, and her struggles.

Yet, when one follower approved of the gathering, going as far to say:

“So nice to see a group of healthy happy people with strong immune systems hanging together!! I totally understand protecting the people who have completely ignored their health and are now in danger of dying of any virus that comes along but we should be able to live our lives the way we always have??”

The self-made entrepreneur replied with:

“Couldn’t agree more”

I replied to the follower: 

“You are at risk of sounding fascist. The choices other people make do not make them less important.”

The holistic entrepreneur has since blocked me on her account.

Since when did putting their lives, before the lives of others become conscious? It is not, it is completely at the other end of the scale, and it is extremely revealing.

Do unhealthy people not matter in the spiritual community?

This is someone I have followed for a while, and I find her writing insightful and deep. Her husband is a ‘Conscious Comedian’, really funny, and regularly posts sarcastic anecdotes that take the mick out of ‘spiritual people’. I wonder if his latest video will depict him and his wife? The irony.

The other irony is, the ‘Concious Comedian’ did not post celebratory gatherings on his social media.

In response to the ‘backlash’ the ‘holistic entrepreneur’ is receiving, she has made a podcast and quotes:

“This podcast may trigger you because it may challenge your current beliefs.”

Funnily enough, this is exactly what I was doing.

“We will not be silenced or censored, and we will continue to fight to protect our constitutional rights”

However, it seems to be okay to censor other people.

“Our hopes and prayers for a more peaceful future where we stand united as humanity despite our differences.”

Humanity on a united front again, yet humanity does not seem to figure into their decision making.

I may sound like the police here, and maybe I am, but I am making a point. 

Spiritual Bypassing as the New Fascism

People posing as ‘spiritual’ and ‘conscious’ and #wokeasf**k, seem to have created a whole new memo, one in which spiritual bypassing is the new fascism.

‘Spiritual bypassing’ is the avoidance of facing up to emotions, thoughts, feelings, and anger-by instead focusing on spiritual practices or ideologies. It is basically avoidance tactics. 

For example, a person feels low emotionally, feels sad, and reaches for the biscuit tin.

There seems to be a trend within the spiritual community, to use spirituality, as a means to find acceptance. And perhaps exonerate oneself.

It is important to strive for a better life, but no one can have achieved anything, when it is at the expense of others.

This is age old however, people will always compare to those less fortunate, in order to exalt their own status.

A Question of Foundation

It bears the question: are the foundations of spirituality built on insecurity?

They are when it concerns spiritual bypassing.

Let us not forget the foundations of Nazi Germany. Hitler built the ideology upon his insecurity and lack of belonging. He was not accepted into art school.

Instead, Hitler built an army under his name.

Paxton further explains that fascism bears an ‘enhanced sense of identity and belonging’

Fascism correlates self-esteem with the grandeur of the group. 

Paxton also explains that supporting the group is more important than individual or universal rights.

A Question of Affirmation

In the days since the Instagram post, I have received various responses from other members of the ‘group’. Unfortunately, they only seek to affirm the group, and make assumptions about those who do not belong to it. 

One follower assumed I was ‘mainstream’ because I did not agree with what the couple are communicating. 

Since I had a differing opinion, I must be ‘mainstream’. I must belong to ‘another group’. 

There does not seem to be room for anyone to have a mind of their own.

Revolutionists Ahead of the Game

Since the New Age movement is revolutionary and dynamic, there is an idea that they know what others do not. 

Lachlan Montague, a writer of fascism in Melbourne attributes:

“Fascism is definitely revolutionary and dynamic”

Why would anyone think any differently?

Fortunately, this does not represent the whole ‘spiritual community but it is growing. I have also had communications with others who have no feeling as to what is happening collectively in the world. They are more concerned with how they are ‘thriving’, in the light of others’ suffering it seems.

What would Jesus do?! 

Joking aside, he definitely would not turn a blind eye.


Sabra and Shatila: A wound that won’t heal



Sabra and Shatila

The Sabra and Shatila massacre is one of the many massacres carried out by Israel with the help of Lebanese right-wing parties, which claimed the lives of 3,000 people on a continuous slaughter for three days.

The blood of the martyrs and innocent children who died in the Sabra and Shatila camps in Lebanon will not be washed away after 40 years and the passage of time. 

after math of the massacre
Allied to the occupation on both the political and military levels, the Lebanese Phalange Party and numerous militias of occupation agents, the Lebanese Phalange Party allied themselves with the occupation. 

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Premeditatedly, determinedly, and prepared, since the establishment of the temporary occupation entity in 1948, one of the largest, greatest, and most heinous massacres in Arab-Israeli conflict history has taken place.

 There was no specific target for this massacre, but rather it was committed against all human beings. There were also thousands of Lebanese martyrs and martyrs of Arab nationalities.

Sabra and Shatila: The fateful day

On September 16, the occupation army fired flares over the two camps. Three teams of Phalange Party militias, each composed of fifty armed men, stormed the alleyways of the two camps spread over one square kilometer.

 To begin the process of extermination and indiscriminate killing, they used white flags and firearms to deceive the residents and ask them to leave the houses with white flags.

The Lebanese Phalange militia killed everyone present in the two camps and mutilated the corpses, slaughtered children and infants, and extracted fetuses from the mother’s wombs. 

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They raped many women, robbed them of their jewellery, and killed entire families.

While the occupation army prevented anyone from leaving the two camps, it also prevented the media from entering the area and reporting what was happening.

funeral of sabra and shatila massacre
The families are saying their goodbyes

The massacre took the lives of close to 3,500 Palestinian martyrs over three days and roughly 1900 Lebanese martyrs, in addition to 300 to 500 missing people whose whereabouts are still unknown.

 Days passed with the dead still there, and nobody was able to enter the two camps or the nearby communities.

To disassociate itself from the murder, the occupation claimed in a Hebrew book titled “Lebanon 1982 – The Road to War” that the Lebanese Phalange Party carried out the slaughter on its own in retaliation for the assassination of its leader Bashir Gemayel.

Acquittal of Israeli officials

On September 28, 1982, under pressure from the Israeli street, the government of the enemy of Israel was forced to form a committee to investigate “the atrocities committed by a unit of the Lebanese forces against the civilian population in the Sabra and Shatila camps.” It was called the “Kahan Committee,” after the President of the Israeli Supreme Court, Judge Yitzhak. Kahane who chaired the committee.

Kahan’s report, which was issued in February 1983, absolved senior Israeli officials, especially the prime minister, the minister of war, and the army chief of staff, of direct responsibility for the massacre, claiming that they were not aware of what was happening, and denying any role of the Israeli army in the massacre.

The report was satisfied with placing personal responsibility on the then Minister of Defense, Ariel Sharon, for ignoring the “possibility of bloodshed and revenge,” which forced him, with mounting pressures, to resign from his position as defense minister only, but he remained a minister without a portfolio.

the fear of the massacre survivors
the fear of the massacre survivors

The occupying power tries from time to time to evade its historical and criminal responsibility for the Sabra and Shatila massacre and to hold the Maronites alone responsible for its implementation, despite the approval in the last lines of the decision to allow them to storm the two camps from the highest levels of Israel. Menachem Begin, Defense Minister Ariel Sharon, Foreign Affairs Yitzhak Shamir, Mossad commander Nahum Admoni, the army Raphael Eitan, the Northern Command Amir Drori, and Military Intelligence Yehoshah Saguh. These decisions could not be overridden, or skipped, which confirms their responsibility for the massacre.

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Religious Fascism in India & Israel: Tweedledum and Tweedledee



Birds of a feather flock together so says the famous English proverb. The saying applies rather squarely to the apartheid–Zionist entity, known as Israel, and the ultra-fascist primitive regime in India, which seeks openly and shamelessly to obliterate the cultural and religious identity of India’s massive Muslim minority of some a quarter of a billion people.

 And while the so-called “Jewish state” of Israel has been trying rather relentlessly to finish the job of ethnic cleansing that the Zionist gangs started in 1948, the brazenly fascist regime in India is adopting a policy of massive hatred, religious discrimination and malicious ill-will towards the country’s Muslims.  So, what do the fascist regimes in both countries have in common and what do they really want from their respective Muslim citizens?

Well, one doesn’t have to decipher the answer from some ancient enigmatic texts in Israel and India. In the Jewish state, all you have to do is just to walk in the street to hear the malicious slogan “Mavet le Arabeem” or “death to Arabs” screamed out from the mouths of the grand-children and great-grand-children of the Holocaust. In India, the hatred is even more brazen and vociferous. The legions of fascism there not only incite the ignorant rabbles to attack Muslim neighbourhoods and savage innocent Muslims, they even strive rather frantically to bully the courts to issue anti-Muslim laws, like barring female Muslim college students from attending classes while donning their headscarves, imposing a ban on using or speaking Urdu, one of the most beautiful and poetic languages in the world. As you see, the small headscarf has come to pose a serious strategic threat to India’s national security and survival!

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India and Israel: The only two countries that demolish Muslim homes for alleged petty violations 

I think both racist regimes “India and Israel” can be compared to the worst and most evil fascist regimes in history. After all, it is not important what one says, but what one does.  Does the world notice that India and Israel are the only two countries that singlehanded demolish Muslim homes, as a collective punishment for alleged petty violations? Israel does the same thing in the West Bank nearly on a daily basis. Also, India has been carrying out its own demolitions of Muslim homes in Madhya Pradesh and other places. That is in addition to committing a pogrom against Bengali-speaking-Muslims recently in New Delhi for disrupting a provocative march celebrating the birthday of one of the Hindus’ numerous gods.  

Israel, which keeps telling gullible westerners that it is actually a heavenly light upon humanity, is effectively trying to dispose of its non-Jewish population in order to have a “pure” Jewish! State expunged of the “sub-human, quasi-animal Goyem”!

Similarly, the despicable regime of  Narendra Modi is trying to de-sensitize the conscience of humanity before embarking on some more daring genocidal measures against Muslims.  Modi is also taking advantage of US reluctance to criticize the maltreatment of India’s Muslims lest India and China reach a sort of strategic rapprochement, which would harm US strategic interests, by maximizing discrimination against India’s Muslims.

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Indeed,  Like Jewish Zionist Israel, Modi’s ultimate goal is the emasculation and obliteration of the large Muslim population in order to have a “pure” Muslim-free Hindu India. Interestingly, the word “purity” is a common denominator in the political agendas of all manifestly fascist leaders such as Modi, Netanyahu, Bennet, Le Pen, Slobodan Milosevic,  etc.

They all want to have a racially or religiously “pure” society “uncontaminated by infra-humans and children of a lesser God” such as black and Muslim people.

Needless to say, This was the ultimate goal of racist murderers like  Payton Gendron, the young White American supremacist who murdered 10  innocent black people at a supermarket in Buffalo, New York a few days ago, Brenton Tarrant, who on 19 March 2019 massacred 51 Muslim worshipers at two Mosques in Christchurch, New Zeeland and Baruch Goldstein, the American Jewish doctor-terrorist who in February 1994, murdered 29 Palestinian worshipers at the Ibrahimi Mosque in al-Khalil in the West Bank True the likes of Netanyahu and Modi would protest: But we are not like these murderers and we never killed or condoned the killing innocent people.

Okay! But the hateful racism and bigotry you keep preaching in your rabble-rousing speeches have led to the burning of innocent people, including children, alive in the West Bank and India.

For example, in late July 2015, a Jewish supremacist settler tossed a firebomb through the window of a Palestinian family home at the village of Duma in the northern West Bank. The ensuing inferno incinerated to death 18-month-old Ali Dawabsheh, four-year-old Ahmad, and their parents, Saad and Reham. This was by no means an isolated incident, since killing, lynching and burning innocent Palestinians to death by the Zionists is and has always been   the norm rather than  the exception, and the Israeli government is doing very little to stop this disgraceful phenomenon.

India and Israel: Cultural and Linguistic fascism

The phobic hatred displayed by Hindu and Jewish fascists toward Muslims in India and Israel transcends reality. Its irrationality, callousness and preposterousness defy psychoanalysis, which would prompt pundits to assume that both Jewish and Hindu fascists are really suffering from a state of cultural or perhaps religious inferiority vis-à-vis Muslims. After all, with the exception of religion, Muslims in Israel\Palestine have the same mien or facial expressions, carry the same genes, speak similar Semitic languages and both communities consider the Patriarch Ibrahim (Abraham) as their common forefather.  There is also a striking similarity between the two monotheistic Abrahamic religions.

The same thing can be said, more or less, about Muslims in India. Indeed, with the exception of the religion difference (Muslims are monotheists while most Hindus are polytheists), both groups are one people, with both having the same ethnicity, same history, speak the same languages. Moreover, The advent of Prophet Muhammad is foretold more than once in the Hindu scriptures like Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas.

Similarly, Jewish scriptures mentioned or alluded to the Prophet of Islam, prompting several high ranking Rabbis to embrace Islam. For example, in  Deuteronomy 17:15   Muhammaed is spoken of as a prophet  like Moses and that he would be from among the Israelites’ “brethren.”

There is no doubt that the hysterical witch-hunt anti-Muslim and anti-Urdu campaign in India is motivated by phobic than logical reasons. After all, Urdu poses no threat whatsoever to any language in India, especially Hindi, the national language.

The same applies to Arabic in Israel, one of the greatest languages of the world. The language of the Book of God (the Quran) and according to Muslim traditions, the language of the dwellers of Paradise! It is also the language which the Maimonides used in writing some of his most famous works like his Commentary on Mishna. Several other Jewish classics were also written in Arabic and translated later into Hebrew.

It is really hard to end this article without some ridicule at those Zionist fools who think they can try a language in their Kangaroo courts!  But I don’t really know what possible harm the language of Zuheir, An-Nabigha and Shanfara would incur as a result of this this foolishness  by these little men. It is just as al-A’asha said in his famous epic more than 1470 years ago:

 like a deer antler striking a rock

with its horns, trying to break it,

 the rock was unscathed, but

  the antler hurt its horns!

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Israel should stop trying to force-feed the Holocaust down people’s throats  as bloody repression of Palestinians  goes on unabated



Israel uses holocaust to undermine its atrocities against Palestinians

A few days ago, Israel marked the “Holocaust Day” with a combination of holier-than-thou sanctimony and fanfares aimed at blackmailing humanity into embracing or at least coming to terms with the apartheid state’s ongoing decades-old holocaust against a totally innocent and helpless people.

Israel is brazenly manipulating one of the most horrible tragedies in the history of mankind to promote and expedite apartheid, racism, oppression, and crimes against humanity.

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There are two main sinister goals behind these annual propaganda rituals: First, to colonize the collective conscience of humanity by portraying the Jewish Holocaust as something unique, and unparalleled in its savagery, inhumanity, and evilness.

The Holocaust not Unique

I have no intention to underestimate or belittle the mammoth injustice meted out to the Jewish people by the Nazis.

However, as a student of fascism, I just don’t believe that the Holocaust is Unique. And I am not going to implore anyone for tolerance and understanding. In North America, more Native Americans were exterminated than Jews during WWII,  at the hands of white immigrants who later called the gargantuan  genocide “manifest destiny.

The Spaniards and Portuguese were not less brutal in their respective wars of extermination in South America.

In the 1920s and 1930s, Stalin and his mostly Jewish aides exterminated far more people than the 6 million Jews, the Zionists and their mouthpieces insist were murdered or incinerated by the Nazis.

Of course, I lament the death of every innocent human being under the Sun murdered by the barbarian Nazis or by others. But swallowing the Zionist hook, line, and sinker is just too much for my intellectual honesty to digest.

After all, Zionist Jews are shamelessly lying about crimes they are perpetrating in Palestine in full view of the world. So would it be a great crime to exercise a modicum of caution when dealing with such a historical issue?

More to the point, it is crystal clear that Israel and the Zionist movement want the world to treat Jews as “special people” or “very special people.”  This is an extension of the preposterous belief that Jews are God’s chosen people. And if they are as many Zionists and Israel-firsters believe, then their lives must be worth more than non-Jewish lives and their blood must be redder than the blood of the Goyem(A non-jew). But this is repulsive racism, pure and simple!

Americans, Europeans, and others don’t feel or experience the brutal ugliness of this nefarious ideology, unlike the  Palestinians who languish for many decades under the hateful and racist Jewish-Zionist occupation.

The Holocaust was evil solely because Jews were killed!

A few years ago, a Jewish intellectual visited me here in Dura. I asked him why Israel was having pretty good relations with brutal and fascist governments in many parts of the world.

The 80-years old man told me this: Look, Khalid, the Zionist movement, and Jews, in general, are not especially furious about the Holocaust because it was infinitely evil and Satanic. They are furious about it because millions of Jews were murdered. Otherwise, if the six million killed were not Jews but Africans, Arabs, or Chinese, Zionists, and Jews, in general, would have viewed the gigantic genocide in abstract mundane terms, as  “just another example of Goyem killing Goyem,” he said!

Goyem killing Goyem

Thus when Lebanese Christian Phalanges forces massacred hundreds of helpless Palestinian women and children at the Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps near Beirut on 17 August 1982,  most likely in collusion with the invading Israeli forces, Israeli Prime Minister then,  Menahem Begen, said boastfully: Don’t drag Jews into this, it was just Goyem killing Goyem.

A thousand Arab lives are not worth a Jew’s fingernail!

In 1994, When a Judeo Nazi terrorist named Barouch Goldstein, a physician by training, massacred 29 Palestinians praying at dawn at the Ibrahimi Mosque in al- Khalil (Hebron), Rabbi Moshe Levinger mourned the death of the murderer at the hands of some survivors. He argued that a thousand Arab lives were not worth a Jew’s fingernail.

A few weeks ago, the Israeli Knesset(legislative authority), government, and media lashed out at Ukrainian President  Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who is Jewish himself, for comparing the Russian invasion of his country with the Holocaust. Once again, the despicable mantra of Goyem killing Goyem was echoed in the corridors of Knesset.

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I do reject, with utter contempt,  any suggestion that a human being’s life is worth more or less just because he or she hails from a particular ethnicity,  Follows a particular religion, or has a particular color.  I believe all humans are equal. This is a universal principle implacably rejected by the Pharisees and Sadducees, during Jesus’ time as well as by the Jews of Madina during the Prophet Muhammed’s time, because both of the great messengers of God taught that a Jew is no superior and no inferior to a non-Jew.

Palestine, the crux of the matter

The second central reason for rabid Zionist efforts to make the Holocaust the official religion of the world is their unceasing exploits and machinations, especially through such social media giants as Facebook and Twitter, and also through government actions,  to incriminate and demonize the slightest criticism of Israel’s enduring and unmitigated reign of murder and terror against the Palestinians.

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In other words, they are using the otherwise noble memory of the victims of Nazi atrocities against humanity to intimidate other peoples of the world and make them think twice before criticizing Israel’s crimes, including its evil apartheid regime.

Anti-Semitism: a red herring, a mere distraction

In fact, the Zionist discourse sounds like this: “How dare you criticize the Jews? How dare you criticize Israel? We will not be dragged to the edge of Auschwitz once again.”  Thus,  the genocidal Zionists  don’t hesitate to confront innocent or naïve North Americans with this   spurious and ludicrous mantra: “It is either Auschwitz again, or you support our own genocidal designs against the Palestinians.’ In this situation, the thoroughly intimidated American would have no choice but to join the herd and go with the flow!

Well, if any criticism of or opposition to Israeli policies is an expression of active or latent anti-Semitism, as Israeli leaders and spokespersons claim, then the number of “anti-Semites” will be in the billions of people, no matter what Facebook and Twitter do.

One more thing,  why should the world be ultra-sensitive to anti-Semitism and Jewish suffering while virtually apathetic to the suffering of other people?

Israel and India: Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Today, there is a quarter of a billion Muslims living in India, facing all sorts of systematic persecution and savagery at the hands of the openly-racist Hinduwati regime of India, which psychologically and mentally is preparing the world public opinion to accept the eventuality of a physical holocaust against the Muslims of that country. What is especially disgusting is that Israel, which claims to be the apple of God’s right eye as well as a light upon humanity,  happens to be the most important ally of this hateful Nazi-like regime of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

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Has any of you ever heard a statement by an Israeli official criticizing the systematic and often bloody rampages and pogroms carried out by ignorant  Hindu mobs savaging innocent Muslims?.

So why is this toxic Zionist hatred of nearly two billion Muslims who had protected Jews and given them safe haven in Spain, North Africa, Turkey,  and elsewhere when Jews were being hounded and chased everywhere in Europe?  Is this your way of showing gratitude and thanking the very people who once saved you? (END)

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