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Will President Trump get Reelected in 2020?

A few months back, The United States’ employment rate was better than half of the previous century. People were happy. Wages were rising, the GDP rate was far better than in Obama’s time and President Trump’s approval stood at 43 percent, but since then, things have been changing abruptly. With over 30 million US citizens unemployed today, the US economy is only descending and whether Donald Trump will win with a crisis worst than the Great Depression, his approval rating surprisingly stands at 44 percent. 

An old debate has resurfaced. Will President Trump win to serve a second term? Will it be a smooth win for the republicans or not? With the impending economic crises and over 80,000 US citizens killed by the pandemic, whoever gets the maximum votes will know it as a hard win with difficult forthcoming challenges beholding the future. 

So how could President Trump’s campaign be sustainable through such hard times? It can be difficult to comprehend considering how many lives the COVID-19 pandemic has a cost and how many people are unemployed. Surely the historical unemployment rate would induce a depression that would enfeeble the Trump campaign eventually but that didn’t happen. With a 44% approval rate, perhaps such a high approval evoked is through trump’s economic management rather than his overall performance.

Perhaps Trump’s promising economic policies throughout are the reason why his popular approval has stayed steady. With the past history of the Republicans, Obama’s approach only made the economy worst than it was before. He not only raised taxes but implemented Obama Care which only burdened businesses that sent the economy into a downward spiral. The not-so-promising GDP of 1.5% during Obama’s presidency compared to the GDP of 3% during President Trump’s time explains why people feel more secure while voting for a president who is given more promising economic results. Now when the US President says there will be an economic boom, people tend to believe him, perhaps not for him but for themselves. In this case, a promise given is a promise taken, hence the sustainable vote bank. 

Other major contributors to President Trump’s vote bank include the Big Money investors. While only 48% give the vote of confidence to the President for handling the health crises nearly 50% of them grade him as an A or B in handling the financial crises. With a high rate of approval, 56%  of the Big Money respondent expect President Trump to serve his next term while 89% expect the Republican party to control the Senate and 75% of the Democrats are expected to rule the House of Representatives.

It is quite understandable and obvious why President Trump is favored by the Big Money investors. The present President has more market-friendly policies in place. Since his tried and effective market-friendly policies have been better off than the previous democrat president, chances are high that Big Money investors would want to play safe by reelecting Trump. President Trump’s chances of winning the elections were however considerably high in the past when he was standing up against Bernie Sanders who had the riskiest market strategies, but since he is out of the race and his main opponent is former Vice president Joseph Biden, the current scenario of who will win the elections is still unclear. 

Now that Bernie Sanders has endorsed the former Vice President Joseph Biden for the upcoming elections, things haven’t been going well for the President’s reelection Campaigns. There was a previous reporting of the presidential reelection campaigns where Trump screamed at Brad Parscale, his campaign manager, and even threatened to sue him. He demanded that he know how he had been projecting invincibility for the past years just to see himself polling behind the candidate he believed to be weak and meager. With Bernie Sanders gone and his election opponent ready to give him a tough time, Trump sees his poll numbers going down and wishes to get them back on the trail at any cost. Even an approval rate of 44% isn’t enough for him to win the elections.

To hold up appearances President Trump has resorted to taking matters into his own hands by holding daily press appearances to thrust himself into the spotlight to attain the needed attention.  He thought himself to be the favorite President without noticing that this time the candidate on the opposing side is not Hilary Clinton but a more favored one. Though Joseph Biden has had a quiet start, perhaps he is deliberately trying to hide the spotlight as a necessity of the time. With Trump facing the media alone during the Corona crisis, it is likely that he will fall prey to his own so-called smart decisions. Thousands of people have died from the virus and looking at the surveys, people might believe that the famous always in the spotlight ‘Donal Trump’s botched response’ killed their loved ones. 

Though Trump won the 2016 elections, most voters did not vote because they loved Trump but believed Hilary Clinton would have been worst off as compared to him. At the time of the 2016 elections, the upcoming runner, Hillary Clinton had several apparent flaws at the time. She had a history of ineffective campaigns for president the last time she was chosen for candidacy and was widely disliked due to her apparent background history. As a woman, she also faced the sexist remarks that otherwise the much liked Joseph Biden wouldn’t in the upcoming elections.

There is still ample time left and November is far. This means there is still time for President Trump to remedy his present mistakes and win the elections. The coronavirus crises have rattled the US economy and these days are pretty gloomy considering the hefty problems the US citizens face, it is truly unimaginable what the battleground of elections will look like. At this difficult time, Trump needs to understand the inflicted damages he causes himself during his press conferences and adhere to keeping his election campaign a smart one. Even though his absurd speeches were just crazy enough to work in 2016, chances are this time he may not end up with the same result. Instead of craving for the spotlight, if the President focuses on the solutions to the problems at hand, there is still a chance he may have his victory. 

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