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Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the world is currently expecting the next wave of infection, chaos is starting to prevail. Never would have anyone expected a worldwide catastrophe capable of disrupting our everyday life to this extent and this capacity. Yet, here we are standing as mere witnesses while the world around us changes. Thus, the coronavirus is slowly creating a new set of reality. Moreover, even after the pandemic is over, the world will have to live with its many long-term effects.

Psychological Impacts of Coronavirus

The pandemic is playing a great role in declining people’s mental health. Not only is it elevating stress and anxiety, but it is also introducing the quarantined population to many serious mental health issues. Fear, loneliness, and uncertainty are causing depression, self-harm, and suicidal behaviors. Moreover, they are leading to harmful alcohol and drug use. 

These issues that manifested during the quarantine won’t magically disappear when things start to go back to normal. Solving them will require therapy, patience, and time.

Covid-19’s impact on education

With 188 countries imposing countrywide school closures, more than 1.5 billion children and youth education are affected. Moreover, While schools and universities are substituting traditional education with the online classes, many will agree that it is not enough. Not only are the classes too hard to understand in this form, but many teachers and parents don’t have the required qualifications to teach online classes.  Moreover, nearly half of the world has no internet access. Therefore, online classes aren’t even an option. Hence, this is bound to disrupt the educational system in schools all around the globe.

On the other hand, introducing online teaching in this wide scope will certainly play a role in creating a wider audience for this form of education. Many students will probably choose this form to the traditional one in the future.

The pandemic effect on children

Though kids aren’t the face of the pandemic, they risk being among its biggest victims. Thankfully, the death rate of children due to the pandemic is rather low. However, there are many ways in which the virus is bound to impact their lives. Scientists agree that the first five years of a child’s life are the most essential in developing their brain’s architecture. Thus, the limit in social interactions will probably create some trouble in all kinds of future relationships. 

Also, growing up in a stressed environment might affect their mental health. 

Immigrants and orphan children are now more vulnerable than ever to human trafficking. 

Furthermore, the crisis is increasing the risk of online child sexual exploitation. With lonely children spending more time online, pedophiles are exploiting their vulnerability. 

Covid-19’s influence on the environment

On the other hand, the pandemic seems to have a positive impact on the environment so far. 

Climate experts predict that greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions could drop to proportions never before seen since World War II. This is mainly due to the halted production in power plants and industrial facilities as well as the decrease in using vehicles. 

In addition, the pandemic indirectly caused a dramatic reduction in the concentrations of Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). not only is pollution decreasing drastically all over the globe, but it also caused a reduction in noise. Many countries are witnessing the return of many animals. 

However, the pandemic also has some negative impacts on the environment. Some cities are suspending recycling due to the risk of spreading the virus. 

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Impacts on human rights

The response to this epidemic can potentially affect the human rights of millions of people, starting with the right to access health services and reaching several other rights that are also at stake.

Every person has the right to access health services equally and with no discrimination, which must be provided and protected by the government. this includes the right to access health care and access information as well as the right of the discrimination prohibition in the provision of medical services. But all of these rights are restricted and violated by this epidemic since governments all over the world aren’t providing adequate and enough facilities or prevention protocols. Furthermore, not all people have access to health care due to poverty, low income,  illiteracy, or the shortage of medical supplies.  Some hospitals are administering only “qualified patients” and putting the lives of minorities at stake. Thus, several human rights violations are happening all around the world.

All in all, time will be the only indicator of the pandemic’s long-term impacts. However, the signs aren’t good. The pandemic is slowly causing drastic changes to our everyday life.

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