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Good News is Afoot-Boris Johnson has “changed his mind”

Why Obesity is the New Epidemic

The UK and America have the highest number of Covid related deaths in the world, as it stands.

There have been 86,571 deaths in the United States. 

In the United Kingdom, there have been 33, 614 deaths. (Wikipedia, 15th May 2020)

It is not difficult to understand why this might be.

The UK and America have long had an obesity epidemic, long before Coronavirus came along.

The Centre for Disease Control and Prevention in America puts obesity at 42.4% in 2017-18. That is nearly half the population. This figure does not include those who are overweight.

In the UK, it is estimated that over 60% of the population is overweight, with 25% of people obese. Those that are in the slim-normal range, are a dying breed, with figures quoting 13% of the population.

These figures are unnatural. It is not normal to have more than half the population, living as overweight or obese. They are living in a dangerous category. An individual who is classed as overweight or obese opens themselves up to a health history; vulnerable to stroke, heart disease, diabetes, and now, Covid related death it seems.

Boris Johnson, the UK Prime Minister has had a taste of what obesity means when you end up in hospital with Coronavirus.

The British Prime Minister fell ill with Covid 19 and had to be admitted to hospital when his symptoms worsened. His experience found him fighting for his life. This perhaps would not have happened, if he had not been obese. So he believes. His fellow cabinet ministers did not experience the same fate, despite also falling ill with the virus, but recovering quickly. Matt Hancock, the health secretary, was one of the ministers to contract coronavirus and recovered within seven days.

Although Mr. Hancock is younger than Mr. Johnson, his BMI is not likely to fall in the obese category. Mr. Johnson’s BMI is reported to be 35. Anything above 30 is obese.

Professor Whitty, the Chief Medical Officer for England, also fell ill with the virus. He also recovered within seven days, and would also not likely fall in the obesity category.

This all comes in light of information that suggests the virus causes inflammation. When that is within an individual-with an abundance of inflammation already; in the form of diabetes or obesity-it is too difficult for the immune system to cope.

The Independent cites research that suggests obese individuals are twice as likely to end up in hospital with the virus.

The World Obesity site corroborates further by confirming obesity worsens the effect of Covid 19. In addition, the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, reported those with diabetes and heart disease, are more at risk if infected with Covid 19. These are obesity-related illnesses.

Boris Johnson is now proclaiming the threat obesity holds to coronavirus, courtesy of The Times. He is enlisting a new strategy.

This is a far cry from Johnson’s strategy of previous. This is the man who did not agree with the sugar tax, which saw the tax on sugary drinks and snacks increasing. It is his belief that such actions only create a ‘Nanny State’. 

Although what kind of ‘State’ would be left-relinquishing responsibility for an obesity epidemic, is questionable. 

This is all in part to his own experience. Just as well. There has been very little mention of diet and lifestyle.

Of all the transmissions I have been A party to, which have been many; I have heard positive reference to its effects, once.

One expert interviewed was extremely explicit in communicating how important diet is. Going as far as to say it is the one weapon at your disposal.

I have heard no more reference to this since, until today.

There has been more-dismissal of the opportunity. Recently, misleading social media has been circulating on the internet. This is information pertaining to the effectiveness of sunlight and garlic on the virus. None of these things can be proven yet. However, you cannot deny the impact of your daily choices. 

Everyone knows that vitamin C supports the immune system, and helps to fight cold-and garlic is full of vitamin C, not to mention anti-bacterial and viral properties.

It is, after all, common sense. 

This could mean a new day, a new time in politics, and indeed in the health and attitude of our country. 

The Times article quotes Johnson to have “changed his mind”. 

He is to direct energies towards making obesity and health a focal point, in the fight against coronavirus.

And indeed in the prosperity of the human race.

Can I have an ‘Amen’!

Johnson has had to face near death, and no one comes out the same after that.