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A Guide To Surviving Ramadan 2020 Amid A Pandemic

Ramadan 2020 is one of the spiritual traditions that have been squarely hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has slowly consumed normalcy such that we can only narrate tales of how normalcy felt. 

Ramadan 2020 will go down in history as a Holy month that was characterized by lots of new celebration modalities. But do we have a choice? The metamorphosis has been necessary to keep safe amid the roving killer virus. For the remaining time, the following three tips will see you enjoy Ramadan 2020 despite Coronavirus. 

1.    Plan for your Ramadan 2020 meals and shop weekly.

One of the outstanding highlights of Ramadan 2020 is the fear of lack. Many people fear lockdowns, while others are suffering job loss. Revamping a few routines will ensure you save time, and money, and remain safe.

One way of keeping off the roaming virus is by minimizing contact. Do not get me wrong, this is not only about social distance. Did you know the more times you run into the grocery store(s), you increase the risk of exposure to COVID-19? At any given time, you get to interact with a bunch of new people there. You can’t risk getting infected. Despite getting all frail and sickly, the disease may see you dead. 

That being the case, I would suggest you use a meal plan.

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Using a Meal plan for Ramadan 2020.

A meal plan is a schedule of meals prepared for a person or a group of people to be consumed within a set period. 

Most people are used to the meal plans prepared by clinical nutritionists or fitness coaches. What they may overlook is that anyone is free to make one for themselves. Without a specialist, you may not be able to lose or gain extra pounds, but you can be able to lay plans and implement them as per your resources.

During Ramadan 2020, make a point of preparing one for you and your family! You need just to know: 

  • the type of meal
  • the number of people to consume the meal
  • and the times the meals shall be eaten.

You can make a schedule that can last as long as you desire. To make sure your groceries are still fresh, consider preparing one that will last two weeks’ tops. 

You now have your meal plan ready, right? 

Know all the ingredients you need to prepare the said meal. Do not just visualize them in your mind. Write them down, ensuring none is left out. With this, you can easily pick items in the store using the least time possible. Do not forget to pick out the right quantities and rest the run out before the time you had projected.

See, if this goes on well, you may need to visit the mall maybe twice or thrice this Ramadan. This will not only ensure you have reduced the risk of catching this flu-like virus but also saved time. Again, you may have some extra coins to spare as you will have a list of only what you need and may not fall into impulse buying.

2.    Let you Participate in Ramadan 2020 rituals online.

Now that most places of worship like your mosque and all public social gatherings have been banned, it is time to explore virtual means of connecting with your fellow congregants. 

Traditionally, Ramadan has been that period when families and friends will hang out and make merry during Iftar. Notwithstanding, over Eid Ul Fitr celebrations. Now that travel bans coupled with quarantine and the urge to flatten the epidemic curves are here, keeping Ramadan’s spirit is still possible. 

Firstly, thanks to the internet, the world is overflowing with social platforms that will enable you to share Iftar stories with our kins who are distant virtually. As if not enough, we can use similar means to follow up on Muslim teachings and catch up with the studies in Halaqahs.

Again, do not forget your routine prayers. You can do the prayers solo or be in the company of the Muslims in virtual locations. As for Zakat, your Imam may issue specific guidelines that shall align with the public health policy of infection control.

While being online brings us together, be cautious. It is effortless to lose your focus. Cases have been reported where one is busy minding their business, and this juicy gossip or drawing ad pops. Then boom! You are no longer attentive.

3.    Use the extra time this Ramadan to Strengthen your family bonds

A typical modern family is one with members who barely spend time with their kiths. Do not act surprised! Studies have it that 80% of the time spent by a middle-aged man (or woman) is at work or with friends leaving only less than 10% for the family. 

Now that media houses have been relentless at echoing the international and national advisory to stay and work at home, take this time to rebuild and balance your relationships.

As a person, take this chance to query yourself about what you have been able to do and where you have slacked. Apart from taking a break, re-evaluate yourself. Come up with techniques to have holistic personal improvement. Connect more with your God as well as with your spiritual self

For a parent; this gets way better; It is during this time that you get to learn more about your kids. Take charge by setting your children back in the right direction. By merely attending an online Muslim prayer session or even attending teachings and Halaqahs, you affirm the faith of your child.  

Creating balanced relationships will see to it that even while you are resuming normalcy, you shall have strong social support, and so will your productivity. Nonetheless, you will get time to pray together as a family and teach family traditions to your kins.

 In Conclusion:

Coronavirus or any other disaster is not enough to excuse you to murder the spirit behind Ramadan. It is just a matter of looking at it in another dimension; just like the glass half full of water. All the same, keep safe as you enjoy this Ramadan 2020.

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