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The Unfortunate Correlation between Race and Covid 19

Why is it that black people are more susceptible to Covid 19?

The conversation of race is not an easy one. It goes without saying that hearing any conversation on the topic-brings an undertone of unease to the stomach.

Subsequently, when recent headlines on the global pandemic turned to race, I felt the quiet jolt of threat.

These are conversations that need to happen, however. 

The latest findings have found a correlation between race and Covid 19. 

When I first heard the murmurings surrounding the topic; I quickly jumped to socio-economic conclusions.

In England and Wales, black people are found more likely to die of Covid 19 than any other race.


A shocking headline. Nevertheless, it is even more inappropriate to look away.

In America, there are similar findings and conversations happening much louder than ours. 

In St Louis, Missouri: 65% of people dying are black, yet they make up only 45% of the St Louis population.


Conversations of socio-economic disparity have long been agonised over, and no doubt have a large impact upon the rate of infection and death in black populations.

Findings of the Office of National Statistics

However, there is some startling news.  

The latest findings from the ONS (Office of National Statistics) have found: when omitting health, socio-economic and any other variable likely to affect-black people are still almost two times more likely to die of Covid 19, in comparison to white populations. (The Guardian, Booth, Barr, 7th May 2020)

There is also a high susceptibility within Asian communities, as The Guardian article explains. Mixed ethnicity groups were some of the least likely affected, along with Chinese women. Chinese women were the only group to be less affected than white people, it has transpired.

Once again, as discussed in previous posts, how much Chinese figures can be relied upon-is debatable.

The Relationship between Blood Group and Covid 19

In contrast however, a significant study has come out of China about the relationship between blood group and Covid 19.

They found, people with blood type O are less likely to be in hospital, and less likely to die. 

Although this has not been peer reviewed, it is interesting to see that in reference to clotting-type O have lower levels of plasma. This was found in a different study, reviewed by Dr Roger Seheult MD on his you tube channel: MEDcram. 

It is the higher risk of clotting (thrombosis) that is owing in part to death rates in Covid patients. This might explain why blood type O is less likely to fall ill and die from Covid 19.

Does this explain why more black people are dying irrelevant of class, health and opportunity?

Perhaps not at first. 

Yet, with the majority of British people belonging to type O (48%), and a white majority within Britain-it may signify why dramatically less white people are being admitted to hospital.


On the other hand, 51% of black people are O blood type.


This would confuse the hypothesis that suggests the O blood type to be affective in preventing thrombosis in Covid 19.

Dr Roger Seheult further explains that the same study; found white Caucasian’s to have lower levels of plasma formation in their blood than black people overall. This was irrespective of blood type.

Meaning, white Caucasian’s, are less likely to develop thrombosis, because their blood is less likely to clot; avoiding cardiac arrest.

There is therefore a strong advocacy towards using anti-coagulation (anti-clotting) drugs in treatment of Covid 19 patients.

This spreads light on a very complicated matter. 

Covid 19 and Inflammation

Covid 19 has been reported in the press to cause mass inflammation in the body, and it is this inflammation that is leading to death.

Clotting within the blood vessels is a form of acute inflammation, as is high blood pressure and heart disease. Many people entering hospital with Covid 19 are in fact asked to sign a DNR (Do Not Resuscitate). There is a chance their heart might fail.

Quality of Life and Covid 19

Thus, one might turn to the only chances they have within their own grasp, to prevent such a fate. Especially when the odds are against you.

If black people, are living in destitute situations that make living itself difficult; how are they meant to survive?

Such conditions as overcrowding, low socio-economic status that leads to, few opportunities; ends up encouraging poor health.

Many black people are entering hospital with chronic inflammation already, in the form of diabetes, heart disease, and a history of strokes.

Yet, if this was not the case; they would halve their likelihood of never leaving hospital and dying alone.

Yes, there seems to be a pre-existing biological indicator within the black population. 

Although, I wonder how much of that has been written into  the DNA? Since generation upon generation has endured endless suffering and persecution.

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