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Worrying Racist And Xenophobic Trends Amid The Global Pandemic

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said that “COVID-19 does not care who we are, where we live, or what we believe. Yet the pandemic continues to unleash a tsunami of hate and xenophobia, scapegoating, and scare-mongering.”

He cited that as his reason to call for “an all-out effort to end hate speech globally.”

Rise Of Islamophobia In India

A rise in Islamophobia is happening in India after an outbreak has been traced to a Muslim congregation.

A noted historian Rana Safvi has stated, “Instead of corona quarantine, we should have hate quarantine,” before admitting, “It was irresponsible and could have been avoided but there were so many other congregations of other religions which took place. This took place in the middle of Delhi. Why didn’t anyone stop it?” 

Indian authorities are struggling to identify thousands of Muslims who attended the event, as well as their secondary contacts.

“We need to be secular. Religious groups should not hold congregations thinking religion is its own act of survival,” said sociologist Shiv Visvanathan.

The leader Maulana Saad and the organizers of the event have been charged by the New Delhi police. They are examining an alleged audio recording in which the speaker says that there is no need for social distancing.

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Africans Are Targeted In China

One Nigerian student who moved to China 5 months ago has been evicted. He was told to vacate his apartment by his landlord and was escorted by the police. As a result of this, he spent several days sleeping on the streets.

“Look how they are treating us, how they forced us out of our houses and forced us to self-quarantine,” he told the BBC from a hotel in the city.

“They told me that the [test] result is out and I am negative. Still, they don’t want me to go out.”

In early April, online rumors have spread that the entire part of Guangzhou where Africans live is under lockdown and many are speculating that this is a direct result of two Nigerian men testing positive for the virus.

The widespread testing of African nationals appears to have been somewhat fruitful as 111 of the more than 4,500 Africans in Guangzhou tested positive.

Despite Wuhan’s lockdown officially ending on April 8, the city’s African population still remains quarantined on the grounds of the Wuhan University.

Underlying Racist Issues In The US Highlighted By Coronavirus

In America, a third of all infected are African American. Likewise, they also make up about 30% of COVID-10-related deaths.

Evelynn Hammonds, Harvard’s chairman of the department of the history of science, spoke with New Yorker.

“When the news came out that African-Americans were disproportionately affected by the coronavirus, immediately some observers said it is because, you know, black people have these preëxisting conditions, like high rates of hypertension and high rates of diabetes and high rates of obesity. And there was at least one commentator who said, Oh, they just don’t take care of themselves. And that’s why they’re more vulnerable to the disease.

“So it’s something that black people either do or that’s in their bodies that makes them more susceptible to disease, rather than observers looking directly at the social conditions that, in fact, have produced higher rates of obesity and hypertension and other comorbidities that seem to have an impact on who’s more susceptible to the coronavirus.”

She theorizes that this is not something new. In fact, she cites examples of black people being treated differently throughout American history.

In New York, a Korean woman was a victim of an attack that left her with a dislocated jaw. The woman who punched her reportedly shouted racist slurs before fleeing the scene.

On the brighter side, an online campaign #WashTheHate is gaining traction. Organizer Telly Wong admits that the timing is right because even the US President Donald Trump publicly called the coronavirus the “Chinese virus.”

Worldwide Rise In Antisemitism

Behind the new cases of antisemitism lies a centuries-old tale about Jews spreading infection.

“The language and imagery used clearly identifies a revival of the medieval ‘blood libels’ when Jews were accused of spreading disease, poisoning wells or controlling economies,” said Moshe Kantor, president of the European Jewish Congress.

“The language and imagery used clearly identifies a revival of the medieval ‘blood libels’ when Jews were accused of spreading disease, poisoning wells or controlling economies,” he added.

He called on world leaders to address the problem of growing extremism “already at our door”. Kantor said there had been a consistent rise in anti-Semitism over the last few years, especially online.

Since early 2020, far-right politicians have used the crisis to spread their agenda. Due to the lost jobs, people are searching for a scapegoat, and conspiracy theorists have looked at the old foe.

The world still awaits the expected economic downturn. Many fear that this will lead to even more discrimination. This opinion is based on the theory that such issues are often rooted in the socio-economic sphere.