Depp v Heard: Underlying the Nuances of Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence Featured USA

Depp v Heard: Underlying the Nuances of Domestic Violence

The recent verdict in the defamation trial, Depp v Heard, highlighted the nuances of domestic violence and was, from gavel to gavel, a singularly baffling, unedifying and depressive spectacle. Background to the Domestic Violence Case – Depp v Heard Johnny Depp prevailed in his three counts of defamation against his ex-wife, Amber Heard, on June Read More…


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The dark face of the occupation, what lies behind it in Gaza ?

The situation in Gaza has been suffocating through the sixteen-year-old Siege, which the Israeli occupation imposes on Gaza. The dark face of the occupation includes the extremist attempts of restricting livelihood for the Gazans. It affects electricity, jobs, products, crossing points, goods, salaries, and each and every aspect of life. It affects the essential needs Read More…

Human Rights Abuse in UAE

World Leaders Remain Silent Over Human Rights Violations in the UAE

Accelerating Deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest Threatens Ongoing Climate Change Crisis

Accelerating Deforestation in the Amazon Severely Threatens Climate Change Crisis

Family of 21-year-old Muslim staging a demonstration outside their residence in Srinagar
Human Rights India Kashmir

Lawlessness in Police Custody- Custodial Killings in Kashmir

Lawlessness in Police Custody- Police custodial killings in Kashmir have become a lived nightmare for Kashmiris.

India government attach properties in Kashmir for harbouring militants

Police Attach Properties in Kashmir for Harbouring Militants

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The Aftershock of Trauma: Reflections from Gaza in August, 2022

It’s pretty much the same news, the same incidents,

Palestinian kids who are killed by Israel

Latest Display of Israeli Nazism in Gaza leaves dozens of Palestinian civilians dead and maimed

As many as 200 Palestinian civilians have been either killed

Palestinian IT workers

Palestinian IT Engineers: From the Occupied Palestine to the Top Global Companies

Palestinian IT Engineers’ minds continue to prove its cleverness

Ayman al-Zawahiri Killed In a Drone Strike By The US

The US killed Ayman al-Zawahiri, the leader of al-